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How to choose wall lights for your home? Wall sconce lighting should follow the principle of convenience. Modern homes require wall light with plug and wall light with switch so that they can be installed where they are needed. At the same time, the environment in which wall sconces are installed also determines the wall light shades. As for wall light for bathroom, you should choose glass and metal wall light fixture with better waterproof performance. As for wall lamps for bedroom, you should choose a smart wall lamp. The wall light up and down can provide a precise illumination for reading at night. The wall light hallway should illuminate a large area of the wall, so that it can shine the nearby environment.

SKU: SergeMouilleWall-1-L60cm-black

The functional Serge Mouille wall light reveals kinetic and sculptural aesthetic. With rotatable shades and adjustable arms, it provides a precise lighting for living rooms, study, and bedrooms.

SKU: WL6011-3

Edie and Betty Wall Sconce outlines an elegant wall ornament with smooth lines, as if the light source was just one feature of this artwork. What's really attractive is its symmetrical beauty and artistic design of the glass shade.

SKU: CW713-1

Lampe Gras Wall/ Ceiling Light Series is a combination of functional esthetics and industrial style. The timeless modern wall light is available in a variety of shapes. 

SKU: WL718-15

The beautiful Lederam W wall lamp shows its charm in reappearing the eclipse. With the outer disc rotating or tilting outwards, it will create a pretty bright ring, giving the wall a gorgeous glow.

€90.00 €185.00

The classic designer AJ Wall Lamp features a streamlined lampshade that can be adjusted vertically to change the light source coverage. Suitable as a bedside lamp or reading light. Available in white or black finish.

SKU: 1546997

Like the other models in IC Light Series, IC Lights Wall/Ceiling Light light combines designers’ love of industrial simplicity with intricate symbolism. Available in two sizes and three finishes. 

SKU: WL8005-1

The light and airy Screen Cannage Wall Light reveals the charm of handicraft and natural materials. It features rattan wovens with richful patterns. The black edge adds a modern sense. Available in two sizes.

SKU: WL2022030301-3

Vadim wall lamp is the old lanterns re-emerging in a modern way with a new aesthetic, which has Asian features as well as Nordic simplicity and  fashion. Available in two body color finishes. 

SKU: WL154141-1

VL Ring Crown Wall Lamp is a minimalist lamp that shows the captivating charm of glass. Its open spherical shade casts light downward which contributes to the perfect light source to help you relax.

SKU: WL2022010601-5
Glass Tubular Wall Lamp wall lamp is a classic elegant wall light. With fresh and simple color scheme, it shows the softness and warmth of glass products. Available in gold finish and two glass colors. 
SKU: WL745-15

Pebble Wall Lamp not only ornaments your room and life but also gives you a new sense of beauty. This creative cobblestone wall lamp takes you through the world of art. It can be collocated with Pebble table and pendant lamp.

SKU: WL2022021602-2

With a style that easily fits in with any contemporary design, the VL38 Wall Lamp is a one-of-a-kind accent that will transform your interior. With the touch of a button, it can be turned on or off, used as a nightlight.

SKU: WL2022030304-2

The open Foglio wall sconce is able to provide good illumination and make the room feel warm, comfortable and inviting. And this wall lamp takes up only a small wall space and creates the maximum range of light.

SKU: WL20015-9

The retro and elegant Chiswick Glass Wall Light is combined with industrial style, which is an embodiment of modern and mid-century charm. Two lampshades allow it to emit diffused light, creating a relaxing ambience.

GRISK Luxe Wall Lamp has a clever design that it creates three interconnected circles on a flat surface. In fact, it consists of a spherical lampshade, a ring and a disc base. It will have a different visual effect from the front and side.
SKU: WL2022072901-2

With an artistic feel, the Beat Wall lamp is a novel industrial wall light. It has a simple black or white finish, which is suitable for a variety of indoor decorations. 

SKU: PL2021121701-1

Terrazzo LED Wall Lamp has a minimalistic design in which the beauty of artis is presented. It adds a fashionable charm to empty spaces in your home through the aesthetic embellishments.

SKU: WL202112072-10

Bring a little fun and romance to your life with our Balloon wall lamp! This magical light will shine any room and make your mood happy,which is perfect for kids or for romantic moments in your life.

SKU: WL2022022301-3

With the Lampe de Marseille, we are able to offer you a wall light that is contemporary and practical. It not only looks good, but also serves the purpose to provide a wide and precise lighting.

SKU: WL2022021801-3

This Yuh wall light will be a statement piece in any space, which is a useful LED lamp for you. You can adjust the height and the inclination of lampshade. Available in clean and fresh color schemes.

SKU: 101033-6

Linear LED Wall/Ceiling Lamp has a long and a short wall light, which allows you to play freely. When they are installed on the wall, it can be artistic like a loose but elegant painting. Available in simple black finish. 

SKU: WL6004-1

Creative Eclipse Rotatable Wall Lamp is composed by two semi-circles, each of which is with an in-built LED-strip. The outer shade can be rotated freely in black or woody finish, which is free to form a specific shape. 

SKU: PL178-1headA-warm

Like Spider Man in the movie, Wireflow free form pendant gives you endless play space and great illumination. Various sizes are available for both large and small spaces.


Aballs Wall Lamp is a classic and elegant small wall light. The combination of a glass ball lampshade and a slightly rounded cylindrical body shows the beauty of the circle. Suitable as a bedside wall light. Available in three finishes.

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