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With the popularity of Minimalism, the delicate and exquisite wall lamps become trendy. People will install wall lamps in their house besides pendant lamps as they are able to not only provide light at night but also highlight the cozy and warm atmosphere. There are many designs that are modern or vintage, metallic or wooden, and with lampshade or not. Moreover, Simiglighting offers creative and novel wall lamps. You can find various unique wall lights here. There must be a place in your house that needs wall lamp, like bathroom, corridor, stair and bedroom. Come and browse it.

SKU: WL6008-1

Upgrade your house with the efficient and durable Cylinder Outdoor LED Wall Light. This outdoor wall sconce will make you builing look great in the neighborhood. Available in vairous powers and two finishes.


TEVERN LED Ceiling Light has a strange shape which is unforgettable. Unlike traditional LED ceiling lights, it features a similar shape of spinning top, with light falling from the top disc to the bottom disc, making the light concrete.

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€78.00 €125.00

The classic designer AJ Wall Lamp features a streamlined lampshade that can be adjusted vertically to change the light source coverage. Suitable as a bedside lamp or reading light. Available in white or black finish.

SKU: CW713-1

Lampe Gras Wall/ Ceiling Light Series is very practical which focusses on the usage without losing the sense of design. This series has a variety of designs and color schemes. It is suitable for both public and residential areas.

SKU: SergeMouilleWall-1-L60cm-black
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The classic Serge Mouille Wall Sconce is famous for its lampshade whose edge has a modified arc, making it look like a shell. The long arms and rotatable shades add practicality to this stylish wall lamp.

SKU: 101033-6

Linear LED Wall/Ceiling Lamp has a long and a short wall light, which allows you to play freely. When they are installed on the wall, it can be artistic like a loose but elegant painting. Available in simple black finish. 

SKU: WL6011-3
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Edie and Betty Wall Sconce outlines an elegant wall ornament with smooth lines, as if the light source was just one feature of this artwork. What's really attractive is its symmetrical beauty and artistic design of the glass shade.

SKU: WL745-16

Pebble Wall Lamp not only ornaments your room and life but also gives you a new sense of beauty. This creative cobblestone wall lamp takes you through the world of art. It can be collocated with Pebble table and pendant lamp.

SKU: WL20015-9
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The retro and elegant Chiswick Glass Wall Light is combined with industrial style, which is an embodiment of modern and mid-century charm. Two lampshades allow it to emit diffused light, creating a relaxing ambience.

SKU: 1546997

Like the other models in IC Light Series, IC Lights Wall/Ceiling Light light combines designers’ love of industrial simplicity with intricate symbolism. Available in two sizes and three finishes. 

SKU: 1546988
€165.82 €166.99

Vadim wall lamp is the old lanterns re-emerging in a modern way with a new aesthetic, which has Asian features as well as Nordic simplicity and  fashion. Available in two body color finishes. 

SKU: 10006-1
Glass Tubular Wall Lamp wall lamp is a classic elegant wall light. With fresh and simple color scheme, it shows the softness and warmth of glass products. Available in gold finish and two glass colors. 
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€35.00 €185.00
GRISK Luxe Wall Lamp has a clever design that it creates three interconnected circles on a flat surface. In fact, it consists of a spherical lampshade, a ring and a disc base. It will have a different visual effect from the front and side.
€35.00 €185.00
SKU: 10022-1

Gold Aluminum Brubeck Wall Lamp is the luxurious embellishment in your house. It is a pile of golden tubes. which hides the light source. Like an instrument, the wall light will bring elegance to any space.

SKU: WL407-1

The retro and elegant Modo Wall Sconce reveals the aesthetic of circle. The symmetrical structure looks like flower buds on the branch, which is neat. Available in two sizes and various color combinations.

SKU: WL6005-2

Creative Wall Light blends branches and petals together to create a beautiful wall sconce with many elements, which adds a homely feel to the room. The multi-color version is full of fun, which is perfect for children’s rooms.

SKU: WL002-2

Featuring a simple design of long bar, Porch Adjustable Wall Lamp is a must-have for many families because of its rotatable light source. The wooden surface makes this LED wall lamp look comfortable and brings a sense of nature. 

SKU: WL6004-1

Creative Eclipse Rotatable Wall Lamp is composed by two semi-circles, each of which is with an in-built LED-strip. The outer shade can be rotated freely in black or woody finish, which is free to form a specific shape. 

SKU: WL741-4
€35.00 €85.00

Minimalist Line Wall Lamp is a wall lamp with a 'ring' which integrates perfectly into each interior space and embellishes it uniquely. It is mainly made of iron, which contributes to its modern high-level sense. Available in two different sizes and finishes. 

SKU: WL746-1

Vivid and fun LED Perch Wall Lamp decorates your wall and brings your home to life. With superb LED technology, you can't see a trace of light fixture. It is a real adornment. Available in two sizes.

SKU: 10019-10

Nordic Glass Ball Wall Light is a beautiful wall sconce, which is like hanging a pearl, embellishing the wall and shining your room. Made of glass and metal. Available in various models. 


The elegant Boule De Cristal Grand Sconce features a bud-like shape, which is covered with the lustre of crystal. It is so delicate that looks like an artist carving out. Available in four sizes and four colors.

SKU: WL6002-1

Attributed to golden connections, Club wall lamp adds a touch of fun to this black industrial wall lamp, which makes it simple and stylish while at the same time having a noble and elegant sense. Perfect for modern indoor decorations.

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