Melt lamp has a shocking appearance at first sight. Melt lampa is mainly made of metal, PVC and plastics, melt lampen is inspired by the sunglasses which is with tinted lenses but allows people to see through it when there is light. Shop Simig is offering a melt lamp replica that you can also has this exquisite and special pendant light in your interior.

The melting lamp has four colors of finishes in gold melt lampa mini, silver melting lamp, smoke melt lamp kopie and red tom melt lamps, and four sizes of dixon melt lamp in Dia 18 cm, Dia 28 cm, Dia 38 cm and  Dia 48 cm. Now, let’s go to know more about these beautiful melt light replica.

tom dixon melt pendant replica


1. Lampa melt gold

The melt lamp shade has a hot blown glass which looks like a lava, creating a shocking vision in your dining areas. The golden lampshade of melt gold pendant light will increase the sense of luxury. Besides, this melt pendant lamp also combined with technology and art, enhancing your quality of life. Exquisite melt pendant gold bring exquisite dining environment and exquisite life. You will enjoy a happy dinner time under this exquisite lamp.

Melt lampa kopia


2. Melt glass lamp silver

When I see this cheap melt lamp mini at first sight that makes me feel unbelievable. What an amazing design in this unique appearance. The silver lampshade of melt light replica will have a noble and fashionable feeling. This cheap melt pendant ceiling light for dining room of design inspired by his fascination with a vacuum materialization process commonly used to make sunglasses. The tom dixon melt pendant replica is favorable that you will like it.

Melt lamp replica


3. Melt light lamp red

Melt light tom dixon has a bold design, and the appearance of red lava of melt lava lamp which can create a sense of retro. Lampada melt tom dixon uses high technology and retro feel to create eye-catching lighting. An unique melt light fixture will create a sense of mystery, giving people’s vision a new experience. Melt pendant light fixtures is a fiery pendant lamp, whose interior is like the lava. This kind of fashionable and special event will be a shocking highlight of your interior decoration.

Melt light replica

As you can see the total shape of melt glass pendant light which is looks like a solar system planet. Some people will think the melt lamp bulb looks like a burning fire. This amazing-looking tom dixon melt pendant will give you a unique space. Believe me, when your guests and friends come to your house, they will fall in love with this melt ceiling pendant at first sight.

Melt pendant replica


4. Melt pendant light replica smoke

Hey, do you want to have a trendy and special melt led pendant light replica? Shop Simig is offering a delicate melt lamp smoke to you. As you can see the picture, the total appearance of melt lamp replica looks like a galaxy universe, which full of dreamy sense of starry sky. Immerse you in a wonderful wonderland. When you turn on this melt glass lamp at night, you will get a warm and romantic atmosphere in your interior. Hanging this melt light replica, it will exquisitely decorate your interior.

Melt pendant light replica

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Above is the display of the melt glass pendant.