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Sunset Table Lamp


Table Lamp

The popular Sunset projection lamp can be traced back to the Italian designer’s work – Halo Edition, which is aimed to soothe people’s distress with light and allow people to enjoy the beautiful view in their apartments in busy cities. To be precise, this lamp is a color projector which strengthens the sense of space, softly illuminates the room, and comforts people.

The Sunset Projector Light is loved by the vast number of users. It has two emitting colors, sunset red and rainbow purple.
Sunset red is gentle, making people feel more beautiful and moving, while rainbow purple comes with a cold feeling, increasing romanticism and poetical atmosphere.

Ambient Lighting

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Awesome Art Pictures

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Make Photography An Art-Create Fantasy

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We believe that the sunset leaves an unforgettable impression in everyone’s heart, so this Sunset Table lamp is highly recommended. You can enjoy the romance of sunset and rainbow at home, having a good time with your family or alone.

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You may have these questions about Sunset Table Lamp?

  • How to take artistic pictures? A Sunset Table Lamp, a wall and a phone or camera.
  • Where this lamp can be placed? Any place you want. The small size contributes to its portability. The easily rotatable lens and lamp body allow the light to be projected to where you need.

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Whether in the living room, bedroom or any corner, let the warmth of the Halo Sunset Table Lamp accompany you.