This lighting collection designed by Tom Dixon has the ultimate artistic style, perfectly interpreting the application of minimalist aesthetics in design, which is both avant-garde and fashionable. It is a good thing for home lighting.

Tom Dixon is a self-taught British designer who excels at turning the old into the magical, creating innovative ways to create something different. From the ‘S’ Chair, Beat to Wingback, etc., his products are sold well.

Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon captured the soft side of the glass before it was cooled and formed during the "glass blowing" process. He incorporated this charming moment into the lighting design, thus achieving the "Melt Lava Light Series", which has become a popular favorite among the public.

Melt Lava Lignt Series replica

"Melt Lava Light Series" is inspired by the internal images of molten glass and melting glaciers. The distorted spherical lamp seems to have been melted by liquid heat. The thin metal reflects the surrounding scenery, restore the most vivid side of the melt.

Melt Lava Lignt Series replica

Melt is available in a series of Pendants, Chandeliers, Surface, Floor and Table lights. Available in gold, copper, gray and other colors to choose from, each color has a different charm. Gold and copper tones restore the fiery heat of flowing lava, while grey and dark grey reflect the coldness of glaciers.

Melt Lava Lignt Series replica

No matter what color the lamp is, it can perfectly meet the needs of lighting and artistic aesthetics in bedrooms, living rooms and other places, and is the best choice for lamps in the home.


MELT LED PENDANT (gold、copper、chrome、smoke)

This Tom Dixon ceiling light is the perfect melting ball. Gold and black interplay with each other, shimmering with a dazzling light full of mystery. When the light is turned on, the sphere becomes transparent, creating an enchanting effect of molten hot blown glass, colliding with the light to create a fiery melting beauty.


The light extends inside and outside, making people feel that they are at one end of the universe, looking up at the bright stars, and feeling the romance of the starry sky with fiery heat.



Melt LED Surface Light (gold、copper、chrome、smoke)

With the top light, you can also feel the natural landscape of lava glaciers at home, giving you a comfortable time at home to enjoy the natural beauty. The copper color of the finish is more like a blooming rose against the irregular light, revealing a full spring atmosphere.

The color versions of chrome and smoke are more miniature. It is a good choice for living room lighting or children's room lighting.

Melt LED Surface Light replica


Melt Stand Chandelier (gold、Chrome、Smoke)

This is an extraordinary floor chandelier. Available in three Melt Mini shades and four Melt Modern shades, the Lighting finish can be in gold, smoky grey and other popular colours. It is very perfect to be placed in large homes, modern minimalism and very contemporary spaces. It can be said that it is born with a unique focus.

Melt Stand Chandelier replica

The light emitted is unforgettable at a glance. When you look closely, the fascinating and whirling mystery emanating from the inside out is even more exciting.

Melt Stand Chandelier replica


Melt LED chandelier small

Four spheres protruding from the steel tube frame the Melt small chandelier. After the lights are turned off, the distorted sphere reflects the surrounding light scene, and the mirrored metal reflects the surrounding scene, psychedelic and mysterious, hazy and romantic.

Melt LED chandelier small replica


Melt LED Chandelier Chrome Large (gold、Chrome、Smoke)

Seven organic and imperfect spheres gathered together, separated by a distance, out of reach of each other, like a party of stars in the night sky, creating a wave of infinitely reflected light in the universe, showing noble texture and interpreting romance sentiment.

Melt LED Chandelier Chrome Large replica


Melt LED Copper Large Round Pendant System

This is a large round chandelier in a modern copper finish with one or two Melt and three Melt Mini chandeliers. The light source becomes extremely soft after diffuse reflection. When night falls and the lights come on, it is indescribably beautiful. Looking up at the lights, as if looking up at a quiet starry sky, like spying on an unknown universe attracted by mystery.

Melt LED Copper Large Round Pendant System replica


Melt LED Gold Mega Pendant System

Six Melt and five Melt Mini chandeliers make up a remarkable giant chandelier, enhanced by a modern gold finish that gives the feeling of a star-studded star, illuminating the night with the ultimate warm hue. Choosing this light fixture is a good idea for hall lighting and enhances the texture of the whole space.

Melt LED Gold Mega Pendant System replica

Tom Dixon's "Melt Lava Lamp Series" captures the romance of nature with the blazing heat of light.

In today's technological age, what could be more amazing than a lighting fixture that packs the universe and nature into your home?