If you like gorgeous modern lighting, then you will love the caboche lamp copy at first sight. The caboche lampa is composed of regularly arranged glass balls, showing an extremely luxurious aesthetic. Such a foscarini caboche replica will undoubtedly become the most brilliant existence in your home. Next, let's take a closer look at the unique charm of caboche replica!

Best Caboche Lampa

Caboche lampa is an innovative lamp jointly designed by famous designers Patricia Urquiola and Eliana Gerotto. The caboche replica is famous for its magnificent appearance. Whether the caboche foscarini copy is lit or not, it is a beautiful decorative piece that can add a grandeur to your interior.

caboche replica

In the lampe caboche foscarini collection, there are three designs that people love. They are caboche pendant lamp replica, foscarini caboche table lamp replica and foscarini caboche floor lamp replica. Each design of caboche lampa comes in transparent and gold colours. In terms of size, the replica caboche pendant is available in large, medium and small sizes. Let's learn more about caboche lampa in various designs!

caboche foscarini copy

Caboche Pendant Lamp Replica

Replica Caboche Pendant - Small

The size of the small caboche chandelier replica is dia 35cm x h 20cm. The small caboche lamp is more suitable for hanging in the bedroom. The crystal-clear caboche lamp tweedehand complements the white bedroom decorations and contrasts with the dark brown or dark blue furniture. This combination of bright or dark colors can instantly enhance the style and sophistication of your room.

caboche pendant lamp replica

It is a particularly ingenious idea to hang caboche light replicas of different sizes interlaced. This can add the ultimate layered aesthetic to your room. When you light up the foscarini caboche ceiling light copy, its light source will illuminate all the glass beads on its lampshade to bring you a fantastic lighting effect.

suspension caboche lamp replica

Caboche Chandelier Replica - Medium

The width of the caboche media led dimmbar is 50cm, which is 15cm more than the small foscarini caboche led lamp replica. Samll lampara caboche foscarini can be well integrated into children's rooms. Lampa caboche is well lit and soft. Whether you want to create a pleasant playing environment or a comfortable sleeping atmosphere for your children, caboche hängeleuchte can well meet your expectations!

lampe caboche foscarini

The gorgeous foscarini caboche 50 cm replica will give you a sense of visual impact. The caboche pendel is the perfect addition to the living room. When you pair golden caboche leuchte with yellow living room furniture, they can add a finishing touch while making your room look more vibrant.

caboche light replica

Suspension Caboche Lamp Replica - Large

Among the three sizes of caboche deckenleuchte replica, the caboche grande foscarini replica has the largest width, reaching 65cm. The pendelleuchte caboche is perfect for hanging above the dining table. The caboche suspension lamp with dreamy finish will give off a warm light to create a romantic dining atmosphere for you.

caboche lampa

The foscarini caboche suspension replica is like a wreath with several diamonds, which is extremely amazing. You can hang the caboche pendant lamp gebraucht on the patio. From a distance, the caboche pendelleuchte complements the natural scenery outside the house, presenting you with a beautiful and moving scene. Whether you are reading or resting at this time, you will have a very pleasant experience.

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Made mainly of good quality PMMA glass and aluminum, the suspension caboche lamp replica is durable. Even after a long time of use, the caboche hanger copy can keep the original attractive appearance very well. I'm sure you'll love being seduced by this practical foscarini caboche hanglamp!

caboche light replica

Foscarini Caboche Table Lamp Replica

The design of the foscarini caboche table lamp replica is very creative. The lampshade of caboche lampa kopia perfectly combines two classic materials, glass and metal. Leuchte caboche looks like a chic mushroom, very cute and playful. The caboche tischleuchte replica is perfect for a bedside table. It can add a exquisite and fun decorative effect to your room.

caboche lamp copy
foscarini caboche table lamp replica

Foscarini Caboche Floor Lamp Replica

Foscarini caboche floor lamp replica is tall, giving you a sense of elegance. The lited foscarini caboche gold provides an even and diffused light, giving you a charming and warm room effect. If you want to add a versatile floor lamp to your home, you must not miss the caboche stehleuchte.

foscarini caboche floor lamp replica
caboche lampa

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