Speaking of popular and stylish lamps, I must mention the lampe pipistrello imitation. Pipistrello lamp replica has an interesting shape of bat wings, which is so attactive. Since the pipistrello lamp copy was launched in 1965, it has been hailed as an eternal classic because of its unique design. Follow me to learn more about the charm of imitation pipistrello!

Best Pipistrello Lamp Replica

Pipistrello lampa is a lamp created by the famous designer Gae Aulenti for the Martinelli Luce brand. The name of the lamp pipistrello comes from the word "bat" in Italian, alluding to the innovative shape of the lamp like bat wings.

pipistrello lamp replica

Replique lampe pipistrello is designed with sharp edges and corners and full texture. Martinelli luce pipistrello perfectly interprets the simplicity and elegance of modern lighting. Pipistrello copie has a retractable pole. You can freely adjust the height of the replica pipistrello to better guide the light. Who wouldn't love such a chic and functional lampe imitation pipistrello?

lampe pipistrello imitation

Lampe pipistrello imitation is made of high-transmittance acrylic, non-rusting aluminum and metal, which is a lamp suitable for long-term use. Pipistrello lamp copy has various sizes and rich colors to better meet your individual needs. Next, I will give you a detailed introduction of pipistrello replica according to the color. Hope you can get more information that you want to know from it.

lampe pipistrello imitation

Lampe Pipistrello Imitation - White

The white lampe pipistrello replica reveals graceful charm. The lampara pipistrello will be a great addition to your desk. Because the diffuser of copie pipistrello is made of acrylic material with high light transmittance, the light it emits will appear sufficient and even. This is why many people regard it as an ideal reading light.

lampe pipistrello copie

The pipistrello lamp replica is ideal for placing on the dining table. Light up the lampe pipistrello copie, its bright light can perfectly focus on the food on the table and make them look more delicious. I believe that under the embellishment of imitation pipistrello, you will have a more pleasant and romantic dining experience.

lampe pipistrello copie

Lampe Pipistrello Copie - Red

The red base makes the pipistrello imitation look more stunning. The pipistrello lamp replica draws inspiration from the shape of bat wings and perfectly presents the natural beauty. No matter what style your room is, pipistrello lamp replica will bring you a surprising decorative effect.

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Martinelli Luce Pipistrello - Black

The black imitation lampe pipistrello unreservedly presents the high-end sense of metal. The copie lampe pipistrello is perfect for placing a room with warm colours. This will neutralize the style of the room and give you a more harmonious scene.

imitation lampe pipistrello pas cher

Pipistrello Lampe Replica - Agave Green

The agave green pipistrello lampada has a novel color, which is so attractive. Lampe imitation pipistrello with interesting design can bring endless imagination to you. The lampe pipistrello copie is the perfect decoration for an art studio.

martinelli luce pipistrello

Imitation Lampe Pipistrello - Titanium

The titanium pipistrello replica is similar in color to the black pipistrello lamp replica, but it looks more glossy. The copie lampe pipistrello is not only highly decorative, but also versatile. In addition to being used as a table lamp, the lampe pipistrello grande replica can also be used as a floor lamp by adjusting its pole to the highest height.

imitation pipistrello

Pipistrello Table Lamp Replica - Dark Brown

The dark brown tone adds a vintage charm to the replique pipistrello. The pipistrello lampe replica is perfect for matching with wooden tables. This can accentuate the natural beauty of your room well. You may wish to try this matching method to decorate your room.

lampe imitation pipistrello
pipistrello lampe replica

Lampe Design Pipistrello Imitation - Brass

The brass mini pipistrello imitation will give you a luxurious aesthetic. The pipistrello lamp replica will be a delicate addition to your bedside table. The lampe style pipistrello uses a high-quality led light source. Therefore, the light it emits is soft and non-glare, which can create a comfortable rest atmosphere for you.

pipistrello replica

Every detail of the pipistrello table lamp replica is full of creativity. Pipistrello replica's white shade and brass-colored lamp body contrast sharply, giving you a sense of visual impact. You can match it with colorful furniture. This can better inject vitality into your home life.

pipistrello table lamp replica

The above is all the content I shared about lampe pipistrello imitation. If you are looking for a practical lamp with a sense of design, pipistrello lamp replica can definitely meet your expectations very well! You can buy imitation lampe pipistrello pas cher at the best price on simiglighting. If you'd like to get the best buying ideas for other lights, head over to our blog page.