Do you like some unique lighting decorations? The kartell take light replica recommended for everyone today is a table lamp with a unique design. Kartell take table light replica perfectly integrates three-dimensional pattern and graphic design. Next, let's take a look at kartell take table lamp replica.

Ferruccio Laviani

Ferruccio Laviani graduated from the Architecture Department of Milan Polytechnic in 1986. He has always been an outstanding representative of Italian home design. The lighting designed by Ferruccio Laviani is distinguished by strong geometric forms and colours. Kartell take table light replica is one of them.

Best Kartell Take Lamp Replica

Take lamp copy is a new modern table lamp that is more suitable for modern decoration. Kartell lampe take features fun colors that allow for a modern twist on the lamp design. The bright colors of kartell take replica can make people feel happy.

Kartell Take Light Replica - White

Kartell take table lamp replica perfectly combines graphic design and three-dimensional graphics. The take lamp copy consists of two parts, a three-dimensional diffuser and a flat plastic plate. This makes the shape of kartell take lamp white look very design, and it will have different shapes from different angles.

Kartell Take Replica - Black

If you are an environmental enthusiast, please be sure to choose kartell take lampada da tavolo. The materials used in kartell take lamp replica are very environmentally friendly, and the product packaging is made of recycled materials. Because kartell take lampada can reduce the pressure of garbage collection.

kartell take lamp replica

Lampe kartell take is a new type of table lamp transformed with the concept of modernist design. The shape of kartell take lamp black has a touch of classic taste. When kartell take bordslampa can be matched with wooden desks and floors, it has a strong retro atmosphere and brings you a different visual experience.

Lampe kartell take

Kartell Take Table Light Replica - Red

Take lamp copy can not only illuminate, but also decorate your room. The kartell take lamp red is bright in color. Add colorful accents to your room when the kartell take table lamp replica is placed on the bedside table.

Take lamp copy

Kartell Take Table Lamp Replica - Blue

The kartell take tafellamp is made of polycarbonate material with good light transmission. When you light up the kartell take lamp blue, its light can penetrate the lampshade. The kartell take tischleuchte provides you with bright and comfortable lighting in dark environments, achieve the ideal lighting effect.

kartell take lamp blue

Kartell lampe take is a portable desk lamp. The lampe kartell take is 31.5 cm high, 19 cm wide and weighs just 0.9 kg, making it easy to carry around. You can easily move the kartell take table lamp replica to the bedroom, living room and other places where lighting is required.

lampe kartell take

Kartell Take Table Lamp Replica- Yellow

The shape of kartell lamp take is unique and beautiful. The light from the lampe de table take kartell is warmed by the yellow shade. Put a kartell take lamp yellow in your home, its light creates a romantic atmosphere for your home.

kartell take lamp yellow

Kartell Lampe Take - Green

When you look at lampe kartell take cristal from different angles, there will be different visual effects. If you look from the front, you can see the plastic plate and diffuser of the kartell take lamp green. If you look from the side, you won't see the diffuser of the lampe kartell take, because its flat design has been perfectly integrated into the diffuser.

Kartell Take Lamp Replica - Brown

Every detail of the kartell take table lamp replica has been thoughtfully designed, such as its lampshade. The lamp shade of kartell take lampada da tavolo cristallo has a pleated design inside. When you light up the kartell take lampada, the wrinkled pattern inside the lampshade will reflect the light, covering a wider area and evenly illuminating every part of the space.

kartell lamp take

Kartell Take Table Lamp Replica - Transparent

Kartell take lamp cristal looks like glass, but it is actually quite strong. The base of the lampe kartell take cristal has a large contact area and has a good fixing effect. Even if you accidentally touch the kartell take lamp crystal placed in the corner of the table, it will not be knocked down easily.

kartell take lamp crystal

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