2022 is approaching. After the development of the past year, new changes have also been made in the selection of lighting. For example, lighting adopts new materials, colors and appearances, and people are about to usher in the new living room lighting trends 2022.


The living room is an important area in the home. Combined with the new living room lighting trends 2022, there seems to be a new answer to the question of how to choose lights for living room. Let us find the top living room lighting trends 2022 together.

In 2022, people's home life will focus on the pursuit of comfort. Therefore, in the living room lighting ideas 2022, the lighting will be more simple, natural and return to the original, more practical, but special.



living room lighting 2022 will be the new eye-catching lighting. However, lighting is more attractive in terms of temperament, rather than relying on gorgeous decoration. The special shape and the specific atmosphere created make people fall in love with this comfortable environment, and living room lighting 2022 will be a beautiful artwork.

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Living room lighting trends 2022 Perhaps people have begun to choose lighting with special materials, such as cocoon-like lighting. Their appearance is usually off-white, and the light passes through the off-white outer lampshade to emit soft light. It is precisely because the special material softens the light that the lighting is very warm and comfortable.

Similar living room table lamps have akari table lamps. It is a very special lighting. It can be used as living room table lamps or as a floor lamp. It is very portable. The nelson lamp is also a classic lighting among special materials. It consists only of a simple bracket and a thin and light material like paper. Both the appearance and the lighting effect are very gentle.



Adjustable lighting has always been very popular. In living room up lighting, the lighting is optional and adjustable, which is also one aspect of living room lighting trends 2022. Casual lighting brings a very special visual effect to the interior, and dark furniture will make the home very clean and tidy. One of the most classic products of living room lighting ceiling is the serge lamp, which has multiple light sources and arc-shaped lights, which can provide high-quality directional lighting for the home.

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Combining trend colors

The 2022 fashion color trend report has been released. There are dozens of popular colors. Different colors have different meanings. They all have positive meanings, expressing people's yearning for a better life and the challenges and expectations of life.

The living room lighting ceiling has pop colors, soothing. The colors of 2022 allow us to mix and match as we wish. Living room lighting trends 2022 encourages the exploration of new color combinations, and welcomes personalized styles and casual color combinations.


Close to nature

One of the living room lighting trends 2022 is living room lighting modern material or shape structure, which are very close to nature, such as bamboo, wood, rattan materials, the appearance is designed as animals or plants, with green elements Lighting is one of the living room lighting ideas 2022.

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The nature-themed living room table lamps and living room lighting ceiling are placed at home to create a relaxing and natural life for you. The modern fast-paced life, perhaps an atmosphere where you can relax, can relieve you from the exhaustion of the day. To create a comfortable atmosphere, first start with choosing the right living room lighting decor.


I hope this article can help you solve the problem of how to choose living room lighting, and choose the most suitable lighting for you in 2022 according to living room lighting trends 2022.