Here some top 15 exquisite ic lamp ideas in Shop Simig are introduced to you. This ic light has a simple appearance, but does not lack fashion and artistic flavor. IC lamp is consists of ic suspension lamp in black, brass, chrome and gold, ic table lamp in black chrome and brass and ic wall light in gold and silver that you can choose. Now, let’s go to know more about the ic lamp.

IC pendant lamp

1. IC lights pendant lamp black

Flos ic suspension lamp has a classic black which gives you a cool and solemn sense. As you can see the total appearance of flos ic 1 black, the special and unique design which attracted many interiors to choose it to decorate. Ordinary life needs a sense of ceremony. Choosing this ic lights pendant lamp is your best choices.

2. IC light pendant brass

The ic light suspension 2 has a light-luxury color-brass. The exquisite color of flos ic brass showing a noble sense in your interior. Flos ic replica is perfect for dining areas, living room, bathroom and so on. The classical and gentle taste of ic pendant flos blooms a warm atmosphere in silence. I am sure that you will like this ic light ceiling.

3. IC pendant chrome

Are you looking for a simple color of ic lamp replica? This chrome ic pendant flos will give you an elegant and simple sense. Simple and exquisite is a soul of home decoration. If you have no idea how to select the right color of ic s pendant light replica to decorate your home, silver is an easy-matching color.

4. Flos ic hanglamp gold

IC lamp provides diffused light through a mouth blown opaline sphere, which is held up by a steel frame. This is an artistic ic s pendant replica full of trendy and charm sense. Flos ic light hanglamp is mainly made of aluminum and metal in high-quality materials.

IC table lamp

1. IC lamp black T1 hight

An exquisite ic t1 high table lamp flos is always indispensable in nightstand or desk table. When you read the fairy tale with your children, you will bathe in the warm and comfortable glow of this novel ic lights table 1 high flos. If you are interested in this ic table flos, please come to our online shop to browse ic t1 high table lamp.

2. IC lights table lamp black T1 low

Shop Simig is offering an elegant flos ic table lamp replica with modern and trendy style. When you bough this ic lamp and back home, not only consuming the ic lamp, but also consuming art. The conception of design of ic t1 high table lamp reflects the wishes of natural, kind and simple. Besides, flos ic t1 high black emits a soft and warm light, giving you a comfortable home life.

3. IC t2 table lamp black

Flos ic table 2 is combined with the lighting, showing a modern simple sense, personality and beauty. The overall shape of flos ic lights table looks like a snowman standing on the table, bringing a fresh visual experience. At the same time, ic lights table 2 also has a touch of retro, stylish but not simple.

4. Flos ic table 2 chrome T1 light

The flos ic lights table 1 looks like a delicious milk-flavored lollipop, giving you a sweet feeling. And the ic t1 high table light is a modern lamp, which has the characteristics of simplicity and special design. The flos ic lights table 1 high with a simple style is a best choice to decorate your home. And you can match different furniture.

5. Flos ic lights table 1 chrome T1 low

This simplest appearance of ic t2 table lamp replica reveals a beauty of line which is eternal and long-lasting. It is suitable for placing the ic t2 table lamp replica on the bedside table, dining table, writing desk and so on,enhancing taste in your house. With sheer color and smooth surface, ic light 2 shows elegant atmosphere.

6. Flos ic lights table lamp chrome T2

Flos ic t2 table lamp looks like a floating moon, full of dreamy atmosphere. The milky white sphere of flos ic chrome gives a gentle and virtuous atmosphere to your whole interior. Besides, ic t2 table lamp flos has a convenient and human design which makes you install and clean it easily.

7. Flos ic lights table 1 high brass

The brass-colored flos ic lights kopia will give people sense of old-fashioned retro style, suitable for book room or bedroom. The exquisite workmanship of flos ic t1 high table lamp compared with the modern Nordic style, which has another charm. Placing this popular flos ic table light replica can increase your home taste.

8. Flos ic t1 low table lamp brass

IC t1 table brass is a decoration style, but also an attitude of life style. Flos ic replica has an elegant appearance and trendy style. As you can see the total shape of flos ic table which is looks like a creamy chocolate ball. Simple design, but can create a unique beauty.

9. Flos ic t2 table lamp brass

Flos ic t2 table lamp brass combines designer’s love of industrial simplicity with intricate symbolism. The total shape of ic lights table lamp looks like an egg, giving you a vivid vision experience.

Flos ic wall/ceiling light

1. Flos ic wall light gold

Flos ic wall light replica is different from desk lamps and pendant lights. The ic wall lamp replica can make your space more refined and increase the brightness of the room. This golden wall lamp decorated in the bathroom will be very beautiful. Shop Simig sales this chic flos ic wandleuchte replica that you can save your money.

2. Flos ic wall light replica silver

Exquisite and luxurious lights decorate the entire space. The total shape of flos ic sconce looks like the moon which hangs on the wall, when night comes, it will show a peaceful and mysterious atmosphere.

Above is the display of the lighting products.