Are you looking for chandeliers, wall lamps and floor lamps suitable for modern home styles? The vertigo nova series products have a unique design style, which is not only very practical, but also novel and fashionable in appearance. The vertigo nova lamp breaks people’s traditional impression of chandelier. Lightweight and stylish is the design concept of this chandelier.

The vertigo nova lampa was designed by Constance Guisset and launched by the French home furnishing brand Petite friture, using lines to shape it into a women’s hat. This unique design expresses French elegant culture with simple and smooth lines. The difference from traditional lamps is that vertigo nova replicas are mainly made of glass fiber and polyurethane, which helps to reduce weight.

The vertigo nova petite friture series includes vertigo nova suspensions, vertigo nova wall lamps and vertigo nova floor lamps, which can meet your diverse needs.


vertigo nova pendant

The vertigo nova pendant lamp is available in many sizes: Dia 100 cm, Dia 120 cm, Dia 140 cm, Dia 170 cm, Dia 200 cm, Dia 80 cm. There are also classic white and black options. You can set large sizes above the living room or dining table, such as 200cm, 170cm and 140cm in diameter. In addition, the smaller size is suitable for hanging on some tables or in the bedroom, such as 120 cm, 100 cm and 80 cm in diameter.


White vertigo nova hanglamp

The vertigo nova leuchte has simple lines and beautiful shapes. The vertigo pendant light replica shapes this chandelier with the beauty of minimalist lines, which is the mainstream of contemporary minimalism. The vertigo pendant light replica can be integrated into any space, including living rooms and bedrooms. The graceful and concise lines are shaped into a milliner’s hat, symbolizing the romance and elegance of French women. When the wind blows, the vertigo pendelleuchte replica will sway with the wind and dance like a woman in the wind.


Black vertigo nova pendant light

The petite friture vertigo nova pendant is perfectly balanced, imaginative and sophisticated. This classic petite friture vertigo nova hanglamp is elegant, with independent swirls in the main circular structure. The vertigo nova chandelier is light and playful in structure. This coveted vertigo nova pendelleuchte is a work of art, suitable for hanging on family dining tables or large hallways. The vertigo nova hängeleuchte will stand out on light-colored walls.


vertigo nova wall light

After the vertigo nova wall lamp imitation is lit, the light bar is beautiful and the light strip is reflected on the ceiling, presenting a visual feast, creating a softer light and creating a more relaxed atmosphere. The vertigo nova petite wall lamp presents a different shape from the traditional chandelier, as if transporting you to a new magical world where the hat can float in the air. The vertigo nova light wall lamp is a distinctive and attractive lamp that will add beauty to every room.


Black vertigo nova wall lamp

Vertigo Nova is inspired by the stars and nature, including wall lamps, table lamps and floor lamps. In this case, the vertigo lampa replica wall lamp is designed to be installed on the wall where lighting is needed. The vertigo nova wall light is very suitable for hanging in the modern living room and dining area, guiding the vision of the center of the space. The vertigo nova wandlampe can also be used as the main light in the bedroom to enhance the overall atmosphere.


White vertigo nova wandlamp

Due to the hanging design of the vertigo nova wall lamp replica, it is particularly popular. The diffuser is the core of the vertigo nova wall light, and its fabric spokes, glass center and curved polyurethane edges attract people’s attention. This structure reflects the light from the LED bulb, produces a ripple effect and complements the brightness of the bulb well.


vertigo nova floor lamp

The vertigo nova vloerlamp is composed of lines, and the simple design is the mainstream of the current era. The vertigo nova stehlampe can refresh your room with elegant lines. Once lit, the vertigo nova floor lamp light will present a visual feast under the action of the lines, as if it will bring you into parallel time and space and immerse you in it.


Black vertigo nova vloerlamp

With its lightweight shape, unique timeless design and multiple colors, the vertigo nova stehlampe is a simple and stylish decoration in any space, which will bring you an elegant and elegant feeling. This is a floor lamp with a “lady hat”, which can be perfectly integrated into every indoor space with unique decoration.


White vertigo nova floor light

The replica vertigo floor lamp is like a flower with delicate stems and vibrating petals. The petals are made of glass fiber and textile ribbons, let it sway gently with the breeze, and each strand of ribbon is connected to the glass ball in the center, which holds the light bulb. The vertigo nova floor lamp is really a chic and eye-catching floor lamp.100.0%


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