If you are ready to make your home lighting look more creative and eye-catching, don't miss this most creative flos parentesi lamp replica for interior decoration. Parentesi lampa kopia is sure to make your interior brighter and more beautiful. Next, let's take a look at this special parentesi light replica!

flos parentesi lamp replica

Flos Parentesi Lamp Replica

Flos parentesi lamp replica is a stripped ceiling to floor hanging lamp. It creatively and subtly blurs the line between floor lamps and pendant lamps. Parentesi lamp flos replica has many uses, it can be used as a chandelier as well as a floor lamp.

parentesi lampa kopia

This simple and functional flos parentesi lamp replica was designed by Achille Castiglioni and Pio Manzu for FLOS in 1971 and has been popular since its launch. The parentesi penelleuchte replica is named after the bracket notation.

As you can see, the body of the parentesi lampada replica is a painted or silvered profiled steel tube. A directional light body with a black elastomer casing is mounted on the steel pipe of the parentesi lamp flos replica.

parentesi light replica

Parentesi pendant replica is a perfect lamp with few elements. Parentesi hanglamp replica can perfectly balance function and aesthetics without taking up space. You can move the parentesi flos replica vertically according to your needs through the steel cable from the ceiling to the floor, which is very convenient.

parentesi lampada replica

This structure allows the light of the flos parentesi lamp replica to be fixed at any point. At any time, you can adjust the height of the parentesi flos replica light source and the direction of light exposure with simple gestures. Parentesi hanglamp replica is definitely the perfect companion for lighting in home decor or accentuating interior details.

parentesi flos replica

The flos parentesi hanglamp replica is available in dimmable or non-dimmable options. Meanwhile, the steel tube liquid paint of the flos parentesi suspension lamp replica is also available in six colours, black, red, white, silver, green and orange.

Each different color has a different decorative effect, you can choose according to your own preferences or needs. I believe that parentesi penelleuchte replica will give you the most amazing and best experience. Below, let's take a look at the flos parentesi lamp ophangen kopie in different colors!

parentesi lamp flos replica

1. Flos Parentesi Lamp Replica Black

If you don't know which color to choose, then you can look at parentesi lampe replica black. Black is arguably the most classic color. The black steel pipe makes the whole parentesi pendant replica feel more calm and quiet.

Flos Parentesi Lamp Replica Black

Lampadaire parentesi black combines a minimalist design with a classic beauty, capable of bringing an extraordinary ambience to interiors. Whether you put the lampe parentesi replica in front of the white wall of the study or in the living room with rich home decoration, the black lampada parentesi replica can be perfectly integrated.

parentesi hanglamp replica black

Parentesi lampada replica black is very malleable. You can use the parentesi lamp flos replica alone or combine multiple bulbs together to create a beautiful installation. Don't miss this simple and unique flos parentesi suspension lamp replica.

parentesi penelleuchte replica black

2. Flos Parentesi Lamp Replica Red

Parentesi pendant lamp replica red is perfect for a bed head or around a sofa. If you put flos parentesi lamp replica red in the living room, it will not only take up too much space, but also create a visual focal point by shining direct and flexible light.

parentesi pendant replica red

Lampada parentesi castiglioni radiates direct and flexible light that completes the living room. The bright red steel pipes add some lively and charming embellishments to the atmosphere of the whole space.

lampada parentesi di seconda mano red is a great addition to a bedside table, a fun and easy way to decorate a room. Flos parentesi lamp replica red looks more lively. You can also use parentesi hanglamp met dimmer to create the space atmosphere you need and make your mood more pleasant by dimming.

parentesi pendant lamp replica red

3. Parentesi Light Replica White

Lampada parentesi dimmer will look more pure and concise, and will give you a different experience. When you place the lampada parentesi di castiglioni anywhere in the interior, the white steel pipes blend well into the background. From a distance, the parentesi lamp bulb appears to float indoors, simply diffusing light up or down.

parentesi leuchte replica white

Parentesi pendant lamp replica white is as simple and elegant as it is versatile. Any lighting atmosphere, lighting height, lighting direction, etc. you want can be adjusted according to your mind. I am sure you will love this parentesi leuchte replica.

flos parentesi hanglamp replica white

4. Parentesi Lampa Kopia Silver

The silver lamp parentesi castiglioni will show you the artistic charm of metal design. Parentesi lampa kopia comes with a simple industrial style. Parentesi pendant replica is the perfect complement to a sofa, bed, work area or rest area.

flos parentesi suspension lamp replica silver

You can use the direct light of parentesi light replica to illuminate specific places and create visual focal points. The indirect light of flos parentesi lamp replica can also be used to create a very emotional space atmosphere. Such a multifunctional and multi-purpose parentesi hanglamp replica may be the best choice for you.

flos parentesi lamp ophangen kopie silver

5. Flos Parentesi Lamp Replica Turquoise Colour

In 2021, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the birth of Parentesi, the parentesi flos replica launched a special model, adding two colors of turquoise and orange. Flos parentesi lamp replica turquoise colour amazes all who love this iconic lamp Parentesi.

parentesi lampe replica

Flos parentesi lamp ophangen has been given a new color, which perfectly interprets what it means to "reinvent the classics in the design language of the moment". The classic turquoise color makes the whole space look more layered and retro. Coupled with flos parentesi lamp met dimmer 360° lighting without dead angle, it can bring endless visual enjoyment.

lampe parentesi replica Turquoise Colour

6. Parentesi Lampada Replica Orange Signal Colour

Flos parentesi lamp replica orange signal colour has a unique and dazzling color, which makes it a little more refined and luxurious while enhancing the texture of the space. Parentesi lampe replica is undoubtedly a master of creating atmosphere and an artifact of rendering space texture.

lampada parentesi di seconda mano Orange Signal Colour

The bright orange signal colour makes lampe parentesi replica easy to become the focus of vision. At the same time, whether it is a fresh Nordic style or a textured industrial style, this lampadaire parentesi can be easily controlled and makes you feel amazing.

lampada parentesi castiglioni

The above is the whole content of the flos parentesi lamp replica introduced to you. I sincerely hope that my content can help you find your favorite lamps.