For natural style decoration, furniture lighting of wooden light, rattan and bamboo is generally used, because the home lighting of these materials can bring people a natural and comfortable feeling. With green plants, even the air you breathe feels fresher. Natural style is one of the decoration styles that many people like.

Choose to create a log style decoration, wooden light is the finishing touch of the interior, which not only makes the home look more delicate, but also brings happiness at home. Let’s take a look at some beautiful wooden lights next.


About wooden light

There are also many kinds of wood for wooden light. When choosing, you can choose the best wooden light according to your personal preference and actual matching.

Rubber wood: rough and uniform structure, oblique texture, hard material, cheap price, wooden light made of rubber wood is a cost-effective product.

Ash wood: easy to machine with cutting tools, polished and resistant to decay. Has a rough and even texture. However, it is not suitable for fixing with nails, screws, and glue, and it is easy to crack, and the price of the wooden light made is relatively high.

Wood grain paint: It is indeed a high degree of reduction, which can simulate various wood textures, and the price is cheap. Wooden light combined with wrought iron to make lighting has certain advantages in appearance shaping.


Quality wooden light

  • TOWNSHEND 4 Light Wooden Pendant Lamp
  • This is a wooden light fittings with industrial retro style, which provides you with multiple light sources for lighting, and the light wires wrapped around the wooden frame make this wooden light fittings more distinctive. TOWNSHEND 4 Light wooden light is very suitable as lighting in dining room.


  • Retro wooden light pendant
  • Umeiluce wooden globe light is a lighting that combines three materials, wood, metal and glass. It looks like a candelabra surrounded by a ring, giving it a bit of a retro look. A chic looking wooden orb light will make your home more interesting.


  • TWIG Wooden Light
  • TWIG Wooden Light also brings you multiple light sources, but TWIG Wooden Light's light source distribution is very special. Several small wooden slats are vertically downward, and the spherical bulbs are distributed on the small wooden slats, just like the fruit on the branch, which is full of playful feeling.



  • CoCo pendant light
  • CoCo wooden light is a combination of two materials, with smooth and simple appearance, no extra decoration. There are two colors to choose from, black and white are two very classic colors, making wooden light suitable for many scenes.


  • RING Wooden Pendant Light
  • If you like funny things, then this ring wooden pendant light is sure to catch your attention. The spherical light source is embedded on the ring of the wooden light, and the combination of three-dimensional geometry highlights the different aesthetics.


  • Timeless Muffins Collection
  • Timeless muffins collection achieves the perfect combination of glass and wood, and muffins wooden led light bases of different sizes can be used for different purposes. Different colors of glass also create different styles of wooden lights, and muffins wooden light fittings have a variety of options.


  • CAVE LED Table Light
  • The soft light emitted by the CAVE wooden led light base makes it a good wooden night light. Put this wooden night light next to your bed to provide you with light when you go to bed and read, and when you wake up in the middle of the night, making your life more convenient.


  • Wooden light-wall
  • The white pleated lampshade has become the most distinctive feature of this wooden wall light fixtures, which not only softens the light emitted by the wooden light, but also creates a retro atmosphere combined with the wooden led light base.

Wooden light is an important element to create a natural and comfortable home. The SIMIG website provides you with a variety of styles of wooden light, and we look forward to your selection. Hope you can buy your favorite wooden light.