When it comes to the lamp with a long history, I have to mention the bauhaus lamp replica designed in 1924. Designed a hundred years ago, the bauhaus replica is one of the most classic lamps thanks to its timeless semi-circular shade design. I am sure lampe wagenfeld would be the perfect choice for your home lamp.

Wilhelm Wagenfeld

Wilhelm Wagenfeld is one of the most influential designers in Germany. He was a professor at the German Academy of Arts in Berlin. In 1924, he made the wagenfeld table lamp copy under the guidance of his teacher. The handcrafted wagenfeld replica looks as flawless as an industrially produced light fixture.

Wilhelm Wagenfeld

Best Bauhaus Lamp Replica

The wagenfeld lampe replica consists of a round base, a cylindrical shaft and a hemispherical lampshade. It shows the charming charm of graceful curves. Bauhaus wagenfeld lampe uses minimalist design elements such as geometric figures to perfectly interpret the minimalist "less is more" characteristic. The lampe wg24 adds beauty to your home in a rustic way.

bauhaus replica

The base of wagenfeld tischlampe is available in two versions, they are transparent base and metal base. You can choose different bauhaus wagenfeld lampe to put in any corner of your home. Don't miss the stunning bauhaus lamp replica!

wagenfeld lamp replica

Bauhaus WG24 Replica

The bauhaus tafellamp was originally made by hand. With increasing demand for the bauhaus verlichting replica, it began to be produced by machine and new designs were added. The changes in production methods and version updates of lampe bauhaus reflect the change of times and the progress of society. There is no doubt that lampe wagenfeld is a combination of retro and modern lamps.

bauhaus wg24 replica

The bauhaus lampe wg 24 is dia 18 × h 36cm. The small wagenfeld lampe wg 24 fits on the windowsill. The bauhaus replica and the purple flowers are placed together, and the whole windowsill looks very charming.

bauhaus lampe wg 24

The round base of the bauhaus wg 24 replica is made of clear glass and looks blue from a distance. So when you place the wagenfeld wg 24 on the little black table in your living room, it stands out. The bauhaus wilhelm wagenfeld replica fits perfectly into your living room and makes your room beautiful.

wagenfeld lampe wg24

The lampshade of the bauhaus lampe wg 24 is made of opal glass with a vitreous luster. When you light up the wagenfeld table lamp copy, its light is reflected by the lampshade and becomes soft and not glare. You might as well put a wagenfeld lampe replica in the lounge and light it up. Then you can indulge in a good rest in the warm light of the wg 24 bauhaus lampe.

wagenfeld replica

It's a good idea to put the wagenfeld lamp bauhaus replica on the dresser. You can light up the lampe wagenfeld bauhaus while you sit on the dresser and dress yourself up. The wg 24 lampa can provide you with high-quality lighting, helping you to put on a delicate makeup.

wagenfeld table lamp copy

Wagenfeld WA24 Replica

The lamp poles and bases of wagenfeld leuchten are made of metal. It embodies the industrial style incisively and vividly. The bauhaus lamp replica uses nickel plating technology, which is very resistant to wear. So you can choose a wa 24 table light copy with a metal base to place in damp areas of your home, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

wagenfeld lamp bauhaus replica

The wagenfeld lamp bauhaus replica has a pullable design to control the light switch. The switch of tischlampe wagenfeld is made up of a pulling wire and a metal ball, which looks like a small bell. The high recognizable wagenfeld wa24 replica embodies the charm of retro aesthetics.

bauhaus lampe

The bauhaus lampe is very light and easy to move. You can use wagenfeld lampe nachbau anywhere in your home. The lampara wa 24 has a minimalist shape but is very functional. Whatever the decor of your room, the bauhaus lamp replica can match it.

lampe wagenfeld

The replica wagenfeld lamp wa24 is a true gem of German modern lighting design. Unlike bulky industrial-style lamps, bauhaus lamp replica is elegant. The wagenfeld lamp replica is like a beautiful piece of art, it can become the visual focal point of your home.

wagenfeld lampe replica

In addition to being used alone, you can also use a bauhaus lamp replica in combination.The stylish lamper bauhaus looks harmonious in the industrial minimalist restaurant. The lited bauhaus lampe is like a little glowing mushroom, very attractive. Multiple bauhaus lamp replicas can add a touch of mystery and romance to a dimly lit restaurant.

lampe bauhaus

The wagenfeld replica uses 57 W halogen bulb, which is brighter than incandescent bulbs. The lited wagenfeld lamp replica emits a comfortable light and protects your eyes. The wg 24 table lamp replica is suitable for use on a table in the reading area.

bauhaus wagenfeld lampe

The above is all about the introduction of bauhaus lamp replica. I hope the wagenfeld leuchte can match your expectations for home lighting. Simiglighting has launched a high quality wagenfeld replica, welcome to buy.