Taccia table lamp replica is mainly made of aluminum, glass, ABS and PC. The high-quality and durable material of flos taccia table lamp replica which is attracted many guests to choose it. The simple appearance of taccia von flos does not look simple, but full of retro feeling. Besides, this flos taccia nera table lamp has two sizes in Dia 37.3 cm x H 48.5 cm and Dia 49.5 cm x H 64.5 cm, and three colors of flos taccia big in black taccia small table lamp, bronze flos taccia kopia and silver flos taccia medium that you can choose according to your favor.

Flos taccia table lamp replica

1. Taccia table lamp replica black

Are you looking for an unique industrial flos taccia vintage table lamp? Now, I would like to introduce a industrial taccia lamp reproduction which looks like a mini-satellite dish. The simple and gentle appearance of lampada taccia vintage blooms a industrial atmosphere in silence. This flos taccia replica has a painted aluminum reflector with gloss white interior and matte white outside. Flos taccia small led is an ideal choices for living room, bedroom, book room and so on.

2. Taccia small table lamp bronze

Flos taccia small replica is a playful and simple design. This contemporary consists of a mix of iconic, geometric shapes. The white interior of the shade of flos taccia small replica reflects the light. This taccia table lamp replica will give you a refreshing vision at first sight.

3. Flos taccia vintage silver

Flos taccia kopia is a simple and refined design. With the shape of the lampshade of flos taccia small replica, the light is full of ancient feeling. The taccia table lamp is simple in shape, hand-made, novel in style. Flos taccia small dimensioni would definitely leave a deep impression on your guests or friends. Design comes from love of life. The flos taccia vintage shows an advanced and vintage temperament. Flos taccia replica can create a beautiful light which touch your soul and never forget.

Taccia von flos

1. Flos taccia big black

Flos taccia big has a lovely appearance which is looks like a mini-satellite dish, making your space fulling of art sense. When you lay down on your bed, enjoying this warm and comfortable light of taccia lamp replica, you will get a relaxation and good mood. Trust me, it would be a beautiful mid century taccia table lamp in your home.

The taccia table lamp replica is a simple and antique lamp, which is features a shade fulling of personality. As you can see the following picture, matte black version of antique shades of lampada taccia replica which looks like a gentleman who reveals elegant temperament.

2. Flos taccia kopia bronze

Flos taccia bordslampa can bloom a classical and gentle taste in silence. Flos taccia table lamp adopts minimalist lines with luxurious materials to light up any spaces. Classic and vintage lamp shades of this taccia lamp reproduction would give you a charm temperament. As you can see lampada taccia imitazione has a bronze finish and the white rounded shadow, which give you a sense of simple but not lack of exquisite sense.

3. Lampada taccia vintage silver

Flos taccia lamp replica has a lovely shape which looks like a kettle. As a functional flos taccia table lamp small, it will add luster to your dining table, nightstand or book room. Art portable vintage table lamp gives you a new artistic life experience. You will fall in love with this lampada taccia with exquisite craftsmanship and high-quality materials.

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