Do you want to have a playful, unique and beautiful gatto lamp klein to decorate your interior? Simig is offering the flos gatto table lamp replica. Named after the Italian word “cat”, Gatto table lamp is like a lazy kitty lying on the table. The light gatto flos kopia emits is warm and comfortable. Gatto tischleuchte is ideal for bedroom and living room. In addition, gatto lampada replica has two styles in Dia 21 cm x H 31 cm andDia 38.5 cm x H 58 cm. Now, let me introduce this lovely replica gatto lampa to you.


1. Flos gatto small/ gatto lamp

This flos gatto small is mainly made of cocoon and steel. The surface is covered with a cocoon as a lampshade, and the slightly transparent material filters the light source in a soft and smooth manner. Gatto lampa glödlampa is deeply loved by people with its special appearance design. As you can see the picture, gatto piccolo table lamp is total appearance looks like a lazy kitty lying on the desk that enjoy a sweet nap. The simple design and Nordic style shows a sense of art in your whole house. If you lay some green plant near this flos gatto replica, it would add some vivid atmosphere.

Its playful profile of hot air ballon and modernism style create a warm and comfortable home life. At the same time, gatto lampa kopia can be used an artisitc decoration when it is not luminous. This gatto light replica  is the size of Dia 21 cm * H 31 cm which belongs the mini size. You can clean the gatto lamp and match different furniture easily. Gatto lampa cocoon is an ideal choice for living room, bedroom, book room or other spaces. Believe me, it would be a new vision in your spaces when you lay this gatto table light replica.

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2. Gatto lampa replica

Do you want to have a romantic and simple bedroom? A good decoration can enhance your bedroom taste. A bottle of flower, An aromatherapy accessories, or a warm bedside flos gatto piccolo replica. Named for a “little cat,” this Castiglioni brothers creation sits softly on any table, offering a glowing diffused light. Flos gatto piccolo kopia has the size in Dia 38.5 cm x H 58 cm, which is based on the mini size, increasing a shape.  Gatto tischleuchte is an good ideal for bedroom, bookroom, children room and living room.

As you can see the picture, the gatto lamp replica emits a soft and warm light. The total shape looks like the character in the cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants-Squidward Tentacles. The simple and generous design and colors are very harmonious, creating an artistic sense. Besides, flos gatto mini has a cord to open the socket, which can be extended as needed. Its conception of design reflects the wishes of simple, nature, love and freedom. When you read the fairy tale with your children, you will bathe in the warm and comfortable glow of this novel gatto table light.

The gatto lampa kopia is also a modern lamp, which it has the characteristics of simplicity and special design. Art comes from the love of life. This gatto touch lamp is combined with a bold experimentation and processing which are blended with the modernist style specially to the 1960s. Flos gatto kopia can rouse a fantastic fairy world to you. The first step of loving your life is that has an unique and beautiful gatto lamp to decorate your inteiror. Simig provides this flos gatto large to meet your own need.


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