Flowerpot lamp was designed by Verner Panton. Flowerpot lamp replica has the inner lampshade. This exquisite flowerpot lamp replica has rich colors and two styles that you can choose according your favor. The flowerpot lampa kopia has big and small simple geometric, echo each other with pure circles. Turn on the light of flowerpot lamp verner panton to illuminate, turn off the light to be a decorative artwork. Now, let me lead you to browse beautiful flowerpot lamp copy.

Flowerpot Table Lamp Replica

1. flowerpot table lamp replica dark green

The flowerpot lamp mini with the color of green, which give people a refreshing sense, and never get tired, it represents the color of life, the color of nature. Flowerpot lamp copy can also create a rural scenery. Leading you close to nature, longing for a natural style. The pastoral style strives of replica flower pot to express the leisurely, comfortable and natural taste of pastoral life. It’s a coincidence that flowerpot vp3 table lamp has these characteristics.

2. Flowerpot vp3 lamp grey

This simple flowerpot lampe is a combination of classic and modern, as it is a traditional model but with novel change. The color of grey of flowerpot table lamp replica, which shows a sense of solemn. If you lay the flowerpot lamp &tradition in your book room, flowerpot table lamp vp9 will create a quiet sense to you when you read the book. Flowerpot vp3 replica is mainly made of metal, iron and aluminum. This is an ideal choice of flower pot table lamp replica for bedroom, book room or near the window.

3. Flowerpot lamp replica yellow

This yellow flower pot light with a bright color gives people a bright feeling. Table flower pot has an elegant appearance and trendy style. If you lay replica flowerpot light in your living room, this flowerpot vp3 table lamp replica would be the eye -catching of your guests or friends. As a popular Nordic design of flowerpot lamp replica, classic flowerpot lamp small is the embodiment of minimal fashion. Besides, flowerpot lamp copy also has a convenient human design that make you install and clean it easily.

4. Flowerpot lampa red

A flowerpot vp4 table lamp can give a simple life style to you. The flowerpot vp3 replica is suitable for decorating small spaces such as bedside table and the table near sofa. The color of flowerpot lamp red will create a French romance and simplicity sense.

The red flowerpot table lamp is a bold color, but not too exaggerated. Flowerpot lampa will give people a pleasant and festive atmosphere. The flowerpot table lamp replica with a North-Europe style is a best choice to decorate your home.

5. Flowerpot table lamp black

The flowerpot table lamp black is suitable for small space, such as nightstand, living room, bar table and so on. A design of the public occasion is not only that focus on the sense of space, but also owning a flowerpot vp3 black which can match the space is more important. The most important things that the color of black flowerpot table lamp is easy to clean. Black flowerpot light is not easy to get dirty, and this black flowerpot lampa kopia is really cost-effective.

6. Flowerpot lamp replica white

A flowerpot lamp white has a kind, simple and cordial feeling. The white small flowerpot light can also be easily matched with different home decorations. When you turn on the flowerpot vp3 replica, flowerpot lamp white will give you a simple beauty and touches your soul. When the table flower pot light is not turned on, this flowerpot lamp white light will give you an elegant feeling.This art design of flowerpot lamp mini makes your vision experiencing life. Flowerpot table lamp panton also bring a enjoyable sense to your space.

7. Flowerpot lamp brass

This flowerpot lamp brass has a shocking appearance which shows a light-luxury.  Brass color of flowerpot table lamp brass, as a representative of luxurious style, forms an extraordinary temperament with the personalized brightness and color. Such a beautiful flowerpot table light replica makes me want to share it with you.

Believe me, placing a brass-colored flowerpot table lamp at home that will make your home be unique. Such a beautiful &tradition flowerpot replica makes me want to share it with you. Believe me, placing a brass-colored flowerpot lampe at home will make your home feel unique.

8. Flowerpot lamp pink

Believe me, you will have a warm and lovely environment when you use this flowerpot table lamp pink. The flowerpot lamp vp combined with the lighting, showing a modern simple plot, personality and beauty. Look at this appearance of flowerpot lamp colors, flowerpot lighting seems like a lovely pink mushroom or a strawberry candy. The conception of design of small flowerpot light reflects the wishes of simple life and love.

Flowerpot Pendant Light Replica

1. Flowerpot pendant-vp1 matt black

This flowerpot pendant replica has another charm when you hang this flowerpot pendant light replica to decorate your living room, bedroom, book room or dining areas. The matt black flowerpot lamp vp1 more suitable for living room and book room.

Due to the classic black verner panton flowerpot pendant light replica, which is creating a sense of solemn in living room. If you hang the flowerpot hanglamp in your book room, flowerpot vp7 replica will give you a sense of serenity. Flowerpot vp1 pendant light matt conveys the attitude of the low profile and leisurely life. I believe that you will like the flowerpot vp1 pendant.

2. Flowerpot vp1 pendant light matt white

This flowerpot vp1 replica pendant light has a simple design and color. Flowerpot pendant replica is the best decoration in a coffee shop or dining room. If you want to enjoy a romantic atmosphere, you can turn on the music and turn on the flowerpot hanglamp at night. Having a enjoyable dinner with your family or your lover. With warm white, flowerpot pendant light will create the elegant and fashionable sense.

Above is the display of the flowerpot lamp panton.

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