Small Living Room Lighting Ideas

A Small Living Room
Gets A Gutsy Upgrade
With Lighting

"Often small rooms feel small because of inadequate lighting"
——Philips Hue

Light is a major consideration in interior design. When you have limited space in your living room, it is worth using some lighting suggestions to upgrade your living room, which not only enhances the visual effect but also makes the space more comfortable. Here are a few suggestions for you to consider when choosing light fixtures for a small living room.

1. a wide range of lighting options to allow light to reach every corner

As small spaces is not suitable for large lamps, it is important for you to use a variety of different ways to illuminate your space, such as ceiling lights, wall lights, floor lamps and table lamps.

2.Pendant Lamps with layered design which allow light to diffuse and stretch the space

Choose layered design rather than overall design, so that the lighting will not be heavy in visual effect, creating a relaxing and comfortable environment.

3. An accent chandelier or ceiling light above your seating area to brighten up your hospitality area

The sitting position in the living room requires a bright atmosphere, which can make people feel comfortable.

4. Use wall lights to enhance the background light

Although too much decoration may make the space look messy, adding light sources to the wall properly can play a role in unifying the atmosphere and enhancing the decorative effect.

5.Use small pendant lamps for flexible use of space and creates an impactful visual effect

The mini pendant lights are not only able to illuminate every corner, but also double the visual effect when hung with several pieces together.

6. Use floor lamps in your corner or by your sofa to provide precise light

Floor lights add a powerful statement to the space, which are a conspicuous decoration with a light source. If you don't like standing lamps occupying a large space, then consider the latest minimalist linear floor light - Parentesi lamp.

7. Use Swinging wall lights on the walls near the sofa to provide targeted illumination.

It can provide enough light for reading. When not in use, it can be swayed to the wall to save space.

8. Make appropriate use of small decorative lamps to add a relaxing atmosphere.

Charming mood lights not only increase the overall brightness, but also make people feel comfortable and create an attractive glow.

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