How to choose the right UV sanitizer lamp?

How to choose the right UV sanitizer lamp?

What types of disinfection lamps can you buy on the market?

1. Straight tube bracket type

Straight tube bracket type UV sanitizer lamp

The general wattage is 36W, which is installed on the ceiling. This is the disinfection lamp commonly used in hospitals.

2. Double-tube wall-mounted

Double-tube wall-mounted UV sanitizer

Generally 2 × 30W, many kitchens and pharmacies will hang a few, by the way, they can also be used to kill flies

3. High-power U-tube desktop

High-power U-tube desktop UV sanitizer lamp

The general wattage is 36W,It generally has remote control and regular shutdown, the family’s best choice.

4. Use in small shoes

small shoes UV sanitizer lamp

My family has this kind, which is very useful for sterilization and deodorization in shoes

5. Handheld disinfection stick

Handheld disinfection stick

This thing basically has only a psychological effect.

6. Mini handheld

Mini handheld UV sanitizer lamp

This is actually just a money detector. Sterilization?It doesn’t have any of that function

Why don’t I recommend so many types of uv sterilizing lamps?

In order to answer this question we have to understand this question

In what conditions can UV sanitizer lamp work to destroy the COVID-19?

There are four conditions for the ultraviolet lamp to fully kill bacteria and viruses: high power, close range, long time, and surface exposure .
This picture is an authoritative test report cited by many sellers. The report is of course true, and the 90% kill rate is also true. But be careful: the seller only emphasizes the kill rate, ignoring the prerequisite: close range! Long time!

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The experimental conditions are: the germicidal lamp is 5 mm away from the surface of the object, and it takes 5 minutes to achieve this effect!
The report above is for mold, but what about the COVID-19? Looking at this experimental report on the flu virus, which can be compared by analogy:

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This is a large wattage lamp, 1 cm away, 20 minutes!
So, don’t think that “I have a light tube in my house and all the viruses in the house are dead”, it ’s not that simple! It is necessary to stick the lamp almost to the surface to be disinfected. After 20 minutes, that small piece of surface will have a 99.998% killing effect. You move your position in 20 minutes and kill the next one; move it again after 20 minutes … deal with a towel this way, about 10 times? What about a room?
You can also use time for space, with a longer distance and a longer time. The research team of Dong Xiaoping, an expert from the Institute of Viral Prevention and Control of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, studied in 2003: UVC with an intensity greater than 90 μW / cm² can irradiate SARS coronavirus and kill SARS virus in 30 minutes. This intensity is roughly within 1 meter from the high-power UV lamp.

Do you know now? Simply “scanning” or “taking a picture” is basically useless. Buying the wrong disinfection lamp at home is basically comforting yourself, purely psychological.
Of course, ultraviolet light has a disinfecting effect. To be truly effective, you need a sufficient dose, that is, power, distance, and time. In the hospital’s regular disinfection room, many disinfection lamps are densely arranged, and there are no corridor aisles.
For home use, you can buy several UV lamps mentioned above: straight tube bracket type, double tube wall-mounted type, high-power desktop.
If you only want to deal with shoes, you can buy shoes inside. Don’t buy it for a handheld! Just stick a note “disinfection lamp” on the flashlight.

In addition, if you want to disinfect the air, the standard requires sufficient strength, closed space, and forced air circulation in the disinfection cabinet for more than one hour. But for the air, droplets, and “aerosols” in daily life, the disinfection dose is far from enough, and it is basically useless. Therefore, under normal conditions, the UV lamp can only act on the surface of the object. Use it casually, it will only increase risk.

last but not least:

You must consider the following factors when buying a uv lamp:

· Buy high-power type(30W+)
· Buy with automatic control or remote control
· Short-distance, long-term irradiation of disinfection surface (recommended within 1 meter, more than half an hour)
· When using, no one can be in the irradiation range

Therefore, I recommend the following product. Compared with the Straight tube bracket type and double-tube wall-mounted type, the high-power u-tube desktop type is easier to install and use. It is very simple to use with automatic control or remote control

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