Scandinavian Pendant Light

Scandinavian pendant light is originated from some Nordic countries such as Sweden and Denmark. Since these countries have a short daytime, the desire for a both functional and decorative pendant lamp is strong. Most Nordic pendant lights are inspired by natural scenes because of rich forest resources and beautiful landscape.

Scandinavian pendant lamps do not follow the trend but retain their characteristics and absorb the stylish elements. It has an aesthetic beauty and unique ingenious conception. Firstly, it is always light color since the scheme of Nordic indoor decorations is light-tone. However, it is available in multi-colors gradually. The Macaron-colored pendant lamp is the popular one recently. Furthermore, the most conspicuous feature is Nordic pendant lamp shade which is composed by geometries such as disc, cone, semi-sphere and cylinder. Last but not least, it has a reasonable and symmetrical proportion. The symmetrical and geometric beauty makes it lasts forever.

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