Most people must be impressed by elegant and gorgeous chandeliers as they must be the eye-catcher in the room, for example the shining crystal chandelier and the vintage candlestick chandelier. However contemporary concise chandeliers will also impress you. Displaying the infinite possibilities of beauty of line, they are mainly comprised by geometric figures. With solid colors, they are vogue and graceful. A decent chandelier is needed in your house, especially the living room and dining areas, which will not only brighten up the space but also render the atmosphere. If you want your house diversified and stunning, the chandelier with brilliant colors or unique shape is perfect. If you want a versatile chandelier that can collocate with other furniture, a chic black or gold chandelier is a good choice.

SKU: CL736-1

Add a little class to your home with the Mega Junction Chandelier! The sputnik chandelier is suitable for collocating with filament bulbs to make your room feel more unique. Available in two sizes and four finishes.

SKU: PL4514587-1

With lifelike birds, Birdy LED Chandelier makes you home full of nature, which recreates the scene of birds perching on a branch. The circular branch is decorated with ring LED light source, showing an elegance.

SKU: PL10132-1

GRAND Wooden Chandelier is an innovation of molecular lights. The wooden body gives it a grand visual effect. It is suitable for collocating with other wooden furniture and using in the dark-toned interior.

SKU: C8000

This elegant Woody Molecular Light is like a few pearls hanging in the air, which will fit into the residential area well attributed to its warm-toned color combination. Available in three sizes.

SKU: CL751-1

Full of fashion, Post-modern PETAL Chandelier creates a beautiful and lifelike scene of falling petals in your home. This graceful charm will make you never forget and feel joyful. It is perfect for living rooms, which can catch people's attention.

SKU: C8008-2

This romantic Starry Ball Chandelier features the glittering glass balls, which is a stunning and beautiful molecular light. It will create a starry sky in your house, bringing warmth and making you joyful. Available in two sizes.

SKU: CH6003-1

DISC Marble Chandelier is ideal for creating serene atmosphere, since it is the embodiment of the charming quietness. Combined with the elegant marble, it is a luxurious chandelier. Available in two sizes, it is composed by round elements.

SKU: CH6001-1

The beautiful Crown Crystal Chandelier has a creative crown shape, which attracts the the ladies. The crystals brighten up it, making it a stunning molecular light. Full of elegancy and sweetness, it is available in two sizes.

SKU: Cl731-2

Using geometric elements, Magical Bean Ball Chandelier is a beautiful industrial pendant light that is full of  the medieval royal elegancy. Mimicking the shape of a candlestick, it is available in  black or gold finish, which is easy-matching.

SKU: PL499-5

The trendy Parc Pendant Lamp has a classic design, which is composed by a circle attached by balls. Different sizes allow it to create a unique chandelier with several pieces, which can brighten up any space. Available in two sizes and two finishes.

SKU: PL902801

Bird's Nest Molecular Pendant Lamp is inspired by nature's products. Through cleverly design, this molecular chandelier arranges several rods with a light source to form the shape of a nest. It will be a focal point in any space.

SKU: CL6002-3

Creative Chandelier blends branches and petals together to create a beautiful chandelier with many elements, which adds a homely feel to the room. The multi-color version is full of fun, which is perfect for children's rooms.

SKU: PL10107-23
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Characterized by small wafers, LED Heracleum Chandelier has a blooming flower-like shape. When it is illumilated, it looks like many fireflies dancing around, which must be the brightest design in the whole space.

SKU: CH6002-2

The vintage CYNONITE Industrial Chandelier will give you a sense of farmhouse serenity and elegant fashion. The chandelier of a iron cage and cloth lampshades are available in round and rectangular shapes.

SKU: CL6003-4

The circle CUMULUS Contemporary LED Ceiling Light directly shows the beauty of round by using LED strip. The light and the white base set off each other. With thin cable, it seems like a large halo floating in the air.

SKU: 1546591-1

SELLECA Ring LED Pendant Light is like haloes when large and small circular pendant lamps hang on the ceiling. You can also use the visual dislocation to make these circles a unique ornament. Suitable for both public places and residential areas.

SKU: 1546545-1

ORELLA Classic Ring LED Pendant Light, the circle chandelier, is a simple and decent design, full of modern minimalism. It can be hanged or installed on the ceiling. Made of metal and acryl. Available in three sizes and two finishes.

SKU: 1546513-2

MILLENIUM Industrial Hanging Light always creates surprises for you since it is like an explosive spark. The interesting and innovative design makes this industrial chandelier stylish. It will be a stunning pendant light letting you unforgettable.


Each part of ILLUMA Eclectic Pendant Lamp reveals an elegant stylish sense. This stereoscopic chandelier has a gold and black color combination with  linear framework. Without lampshades, it is full of minimalist feel.

SKU: PL032

The AURA Contemporary Chandelier is a linear chandelier which comes with tubular glass lampshades and metal rods. Free and irregular arrangement forms a molecular structure. Available in three different sizes.

SKU: PL466-6
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The elegant Orb Hanging Lamp is like some pearls hung in the air. The different finishes give it a variety of styles, which is ideal for creating a unique atmosphere. The horizontal and vertical shapes make it suitable for space of any size.

SKU: PL9006-1
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Aim Pendant Light features showing long wires with tea-shaped lampshades through fixing nodes on the ceiling to create a personalized artistic painting. It can provide good light and make the space more compact.

SKU: 25-4
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Modern functional Serge Mouille Ceiling Lamp is perfect for creating a concise indoor decoration, which can provide light for the largest space. Made of aluminum. Available in three sizes and two finishes.

SKU: 10014-4

The glittering Modern dandelion Crystal Chandelier is unique and elaborate, which is like a cluster of fireworks in full bloom. Made of metal and crystal. Available in five sizes and two finishes.

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