You must be impressed by gorgeous chandeliers as they are the eye-catcher in the room, for example the vintage chandelier with candles. But our contemporary concise chandelier pendant lights will also impress you. A decent chandelier for living room and a charmful chandelier for dining room are needed in your house, which will render the atmosphere. You can use a linear chandelier for kitchen to brighten up the space. If you want your house diversified and stunning, you can choose glass chandelier globes with brilliant chandelier lamp shades.

SKU: CH6006-6

Flos 2097 Chandelier was carefully designed by the famous Italian designer Gino Sarfatti. It is an ultra-modern representative of the traditional medieval chandelier. It has a strong artistic sense and will be the focal point of the space no matter where it is.

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E14 Bulbs Included(Warm Light by Default)

SKU: PL9006-1

Aim Pendant Light features showing long wires with tea-shaped lampshades through fixing nodes on the ceiling to create a personalized artistic painting. It can provide good light and make the space more compact.

SKU: PL900658-1

The advanced version-dimmable aim pendant light, is versatile and functional. The adjustable led light source makes it suitable for both private and public space.

SKU: PL10107-21

The vibrant and romantic LED Heracleum chandelier has a blooming flower-like shape. It must be the stunning design in the whole space, rendering an enjoyable environment. 

SKU: 1546516-1

Bolle pendant light is a pile of soap bubbles in the air,  giving the feeling of freedom and creating a relaxing atmosphere. With warm light, the curves of the glass shine perfectly.

€199.00 €299.00

The Screen Cannage suspension brightens up your room connected with nature. The screens in woven cane create bright and airy spaces, bringing a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

SKU: PL466-5

The classy glass Orb pendant light looks like some pearls hung in the air. The various glass shades and two metallic colors combine freely, bringing a perfect ambience in any space.

SKU: 25-4

The functional Serge Mouille ceiling light reveals kinetic and sculptural aesthetic. With refined reflectors and rotatable arms, it provides an adequate lighting for living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms.

SKU: 1547035-3
€158.00 €305.00

As a classic molecular light, the gorgeous Branching Bubble chandelier will add a luxurious and exquisite statement to your home. Available in various shapes and glass colors.

SKU: PL2021122201-1
€277.86 €365.86

The cute BIRDY Wooden Pendant Light uses a vibrant embellishment of birds to make the environment no longer dull. This wooden chandelier is a stunning pendant light, which is easy to attract people's attention. Available in three models.

SKU: PL066-1

Retro Umeiluce pendant light is an industrial pendant light full of typical American loft style. It features a wooden caged lampshade and the lamp holder in rust color, which reminds you of the spirit of flourishing industrial civilization.

SKU: PL062-1

Retro Rust Iron Cage chandelier is just irresistible. The candle holder is made of iron with a rustic style and decorated with luxurious crystal.  It will create a nostalgic atmosphere. But don't forget to light up the candles!

SKU: PL6034-1

Firework Ball Pendant Light is a stunning and dazzling chandelier, which is the shining diamond of LED chandeliers. The metal caged framework is composed by triangles, which is stylish even when it is not illuminated. Available in four sizes.

SKU: PL060-1
€178.84 €237.68

Known as bird lights, the lively Perch lamps bring vitality to your home. The birds with white bodies and gold beaks and tails will diffuse a soft warm light, which is stunning and beutiful.

AJAX Raw Industrial Touch Pendant Lamp is influenced by track lights. The lampshade is full of industrial style but stylish. It has four round LED light sources, which is very practical and can provide a wide lighting.
SKU: PL021-black-3heads

Three Glass Ball Pendant Lamp is an elegant chandelier, which is like three pearls hanging on a branch. It has a slender visual effect as well as a focus center effect. Ideal for hanging in dinning areas with a round or rectangular dining table. 


PIRCE MICRO Pendant Light looks like pencil crumbs with several rings one by one which feel like disconnected. The LED light source at the bottom shines upward, casting halos on the ceiling.

SKU: 1546265-1

FLYCATCHER Perched Bird Hanging Light is a cute ceiling lamp like some birds standing on a vertical branch. Macaron-colored bird lampshades are fun and vivid. It will shine the space and make you feel happy.

SKU: 1546274-1

GJORD Linear Pendant Light is rectangular as a whole, which can provide a large area of lighting. With LED-chip, it is energy-saving and practical. Suitable for offices and modern minimalist indoor decorations.

SKU: 1546308-1

Based on the traditional LED linear pendant light, GREGER Slim Case Pendant Light changes the LED strip into a flat shape like a curtain. It can not only provide light, but also give the whole space a sense of hierarchy.

SKU: 1546336

GRENNER Pole Pendant Light uses a stick to connect three classic Nordic pendant lights to form a modern concise chandelier. The long design makes it ideal for long tables, which can provide a wide range of light.

Full of Nordic simplicity, HEDVA Scandinavian Wooden Pendant Light has a wooden shade to cover LED-chip, which is efficient as well as fashionable. Its shape is rectangle with a black handhold above.
SKU: 1546353-1

HELSKI Twisted Slim Case Pendant Light adds an ingenious design to the minimalist linear LED pendant light that there is a twisting part, making it more distinctive. Made of metal and acrylic. Available in two sizes and two finishes.

HOMER Round Case Wooden Pendant Light expresses the beauty of the wood. After polishing, the texture is distinct and unique which is a trace of the wood's experience of the years. With LED-chip, it is very practical.
€239.99 €358.00

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