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From candles and oil lamps to a variety of modern table lamps and novelty night lights and ambient lights, the designs of table lamps are like blooming flowers which compete for glory. The typical table lights consist of table lamp shades and bases. Designers present different concepts on the lampshades, such as gorgeous table lamp glass shade covered with patterns, or homely and versatile black lampshadestable lamp black shade. The novel table lamp quirky is that the whole is integrated, and they will adopt special shapes. Table lamps can be placed in any corner, such as an elegant table lamp for living room, or a table lamp dimmable for bedroom.

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The classic Nordic AJ Table Lamp is very functional, with smart design that allows the lampshade to freely adjust the light source. The unique shape emphasizes the beauty of the streamlines. Available in black or white.

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The Italian icon-Atollo Table Lamp has a mushroom look, which is creative and chic. It is formed by hemispherical shade and cylinderical base, which gives warm and indirect lighting.

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As a pleasant ambient light, the delicate Battery lamp shines due to its transparent lampshade with textures. When illuminated by light, it projects a sun-like glow around to the room.

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Imitating the classic image of the cartoon character-Snoopy, Snoopy Table Lamp will remind you of the interesting childhoods and classic movies. A simple color scheme adds a stylish sense.

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Featuring the shape of satellite dish, Taccia Table Lamp can absorb fashion and then spread it to your home. The large bowl lampshade with specially design allows light to reflect and emit in a special way. Available in two dimensions and three finishes.

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Named after the Italian word "cat", Gatto Table Lamp is like a languid kitten lying on a table, making people feel comfortable. Available in two dimensions.

SKU: TL8000-1

Vintage Mushroom Table Light is an elegant white table lamp, which is like a work of art waiting to be discovered. As long as illuminated, it can bring the leisure nad quiet atmosphere. The smooth curves accentuate the beauty.

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Cesta Table lamp is a portable table light like the art of the nature. When it is illuminated, it  creates a soft light for a relaxing ambience. Made of wood and glass. Available in two sizes and two color finishes.

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Contrary to its name, Rituals Table Lamp has a simple shape but with a subtle and sophisticated pattern. The wrinkles on the glass lampshade make it look like a product made of cocoon, which reveals the excellent craft.

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Full of Japanese Zen, Akari 1A Table Lamp is a lantern that can stand on the table. With special material-Mulberry paper, it is paired with rods, highlighting the lampshade, which is extremely cute and personal.

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The Kaiser Idell 6631 table light is a beautiful lamp that will look fabulous in any room. It is available in three colors, easy-matching and fresh white, classy and presentable black, vintage and elegant green.

SKU: TL45147849-21

The simple shape makes Lumiere Table Lamp easy to integrate into any interior setting, which is suitable as a good desk lamp or bedside lamp. The soft light that is refracted by the glass provides a maximum protection for the eyes without creating a harsh sensation.

SKU: TL414-4

The night owl table lamp will make you love it at first glare. It is a cute night light that will emit a warm light. With special watermarking technology, it shows wooden textures which is comfortable visually.

SKU: TL2021122101-2

The Nessino table lamp is a perfect piece of art with its clean and cute shape. It's an industrial lamp with an artistic feeling, drawing in the person who looks at it. It will never go out of style, which brings vitality to the room.

SKU: TL902001

Balloon table lamp is a novel work of art, showing the beauty of glass products. Inspired by the characteristics of the balloon, it adopts the appearance of a balloon, so it looks light, letting people feel relaxing.

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IC Lights table light combines designer Michael Anastassiades’ love of industrial simplicity with intricate symbolism. It is a stylish glass ball table light which is suitable for bedroom and living room. Available in three different designs and three color finishes. 

SKU: TL2022033104-3

The functional reading light, Oblique LED lamp can be placed on desks or bedside tables, which bring a precise flicker-free warmth to your reading activities. Available in a wide range of finishes.

SKU: TL2022033108-3

Following in your footsteps, this little FollowMe lamp is always there to accompany you and illuminate your surroundings. It has a mushroom shape that gives a nature freshness.

SKU: TL2022033106-1

This modern multifunctional Folding LED table light is a good gift to your friends and family as a night light or a ornament lamp. It is a foldable, portable, rechargeable night light.

SKU: TL2022021603-2

The new industrial VL38 lamp is the perfect addition to any decor. Whether it is used as a desk light to accompany you to study or work, or a bedside lamp to facilitate your night activities, it is a good choice.

SKU: TL6547895

Have a simple yet stylish Blown SW6 Table Lamp to add a lot of excitement to your life. After refraction by the delicate patterns on the glass lampshade, light acts like magic, creating a wonderful shadow and halos around it.

SKU: TL747-1

Stylish and graceful PH 3/2 Table Lamp is like an inversed flower, consisting of three opal glass petals. Through reflection, the light becomes diffused warm light. Available in two dimensions and three finishes. 

SKU: TL2022032501-1

Akari 1AD table/floor lamp is a typical Japanese style - Wabi-sabi. It lets people integrate nature into life and feel the true meaning of life in peace and tranquility.

SKU: TL2022021806-2

The Miss K table lamp shows a "glass cup full of light" covered by a cylindrical lampshade. Made with semi-translucent PMMA, it ensure the light is diffused softly. Available in three colors.  

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