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From candles, oil lamps to various modern table lamps, lamp put on the table has been not only a fixture that offers light but also an adornment in any indoor decoration. As an angel that dispels darkness, it is the nearest light fixture to you, which you will always see carelessly. A beautiful desk light can render the atmosphere as well as making people feel happy. Many places in your house need a warm table lamp, like bedside table, table in the entrance or near the sofa, or coffee table. Besides,  you may need a functional but elegant desk light to accompany you in the study. Here you can find kinds of chic and special table lamps.

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Like its name, the rechargeable Battery table lamp is a pleasant decorative table lamp that has a patterned lampshade and body with a lustre. When you turn on the light, the visual effect is more amazing.

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The classic Nordic AJ Table Lamp is very functional, with smart design that allows the lampshade to freely adjust the light source. The unique shape emphasizes the beauty of the streamlines. Available in black or white.

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The Italian icon-Atollo Table Lamp has a mushroom look, which is creative and chic. It is formed by hemispherical shade and cylinderical base, which gives warm and indirect lighting.

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You'll love the clean metal aesthetic and the strong visual effect of this innovative Bellevue AJ8 Table Lamp with its graceful lines. It offers functional lighting with an industrial feel. Available in five finishes.

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The bright Sunset Table Lamp will create the perfect ambiance for you. It provides sunset and rainbow in your house. Mimicking the beauty of nature, it combines human thought with natural scenes. 

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Featuring the shape of satellite dish, Taccia Table Lamp can absorb fashion and then spread it to your home. The large bowl lampshade with specially design allows light to reflect and emit in a special way. Available in two dimensions and three finishes.

SKU: TL724-1

Directly revealing the charm of minimalist design, Linear LED Table Lamp makes people feel comfortable collocating with other simple furniture. Availabe in three choices of light.

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The classic Flowerpot Table Lamp features a shade of bud composed by two semi-spheres. With Macaron's finishes, it makes people feel happy, which is ideal for creating a cozy and loving environment.

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Simple industrial Tripod Table Lamp is a stylish and fun desk light, which can easily fit into any indoor environment. It can play a good role in lighting attributed to its solid base and domed lampshade.

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LED JUBE Table Light features a huge hollow glass lampshade supported by only a thin stick, which seems like that the shade was suspended in the air. With retro color scheme, it is classic, noble  and elegant.

SKU: TL747-1

Stylish and graceful PH 3/2 Table Lamp is like an inversed flower, consisting of three opal glass petals. Through reflection, the light becomes diffused warm light. Available in two dimensions and three finishes. 

SKU: TL746

Perch Table Lamp will bring your home to life all the time. With the exquisite craft, this bird table lamp brings the bird to life, as if it would fly in your home in the next second.

SKU: TL10103-4

Mimicking the bird's shape, Birdy Table Lamp is a very functional desk light due to its adjustable connections. You can change the angle and direct the light to where you need it. Available in various finishes.

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Named after the Italian word "cat", Gatto Table Lamp is like a languid kitten lying on a table, making people feel comfortable. Available in two dimensions.

SKU: FL717-1

LED Sunset Light brings a romantic and gorgeours visual feast, which can make you enjoy the sunglow at home. It is useful for creating a particular atmosphere and tone. Available in five dimensions and two light colors. 

SKU: TL414-4

The night owl table lamp will make you love it at first glare. It is a cute night light that will emit a warm light. With special watermarking technology, it shows wooden textures which is comfortable visually.


The charming Hand-carried Basket Table Light can give off a gentle and elegant beauty. It will create a peaceful and serene atmosphere when it is illuminated. It is a design of the combination of handbag and basket.

SKU: TL737-8

The minimalist MIN Table Light is perfect for using as a bedside lamp and in the study. The simple design showcases the characteristics of metalwork and the charm of the industrial styles. As a practical table light, it is decorative as well as durable.

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IC Lights table light combines designer Michael Anastassiades’ love of industrial simplicity with intricate symbolism. It is a stylish glass ball table light which is suitable for bedroom and living room. Available in three different designs and three color finishes. 

SKU: TL732-1

Bring an attractive rose with our MARQUIS LED Table Lamp to your home. You will find a never-withering blossom in different colors anytime. It is a beautiful decoration for any indoor decoration.

SKU: Tl725-6

Lively Table Light is functional as well as bright due to its rotatable and macaron-colored lampshade. It will relax you and make the room full of energy, which is suitable for children's rooms and the study.

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The stylish Birdcage Table Light combines metal and marble which is full of elegance and concise industrial style. The LED light source spreads around through the caged lampshade, creating a sense of suspension.

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This small and delicate Globular Table Lamp is full of futurism like a small robot. It is extremely metallic, but with macaron's finishes, it has a lovely cute characteristic, which is ideal for children's rooms.

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