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Pendant lighting has played an important role in interior design. Simig light shop offers numerous pendant lamps including both Nordic and Asian designs. You can find pendant lights in living room, pendant lights for bedrooms, pendant lights for dining tables, and pendant lights over island here.

Our pendant lamps are a good interior decoration for any interior style, since we have both contemporary lighting that is trendy and vintage light that is classic and elegant. Besides, we offer different sizes of pendant lamps to suit any space. It is time to have a beautiful and functional lamp to render your home. A small chic pendant light will make your home more unusual instantly.

SKU: PL1690180BK
€166.00 €196.00

Use the Vertigo lamp as a visual tool to make your house or office more inviting and special! With the shape of a lady hat, it expresses French fashion and romance. 

SKU: PL8010-1
€188.00 €198.00

Vertigo Nova pendant lamp is a hat-shaped chandelier with dimmable LED light. The geometric curves of the lightweight fibreglass flutter in the air with the wind. A unique and fascinating style.

SKU: PL10102-1
€79.88 €119.88

The Flowerpot VP1 Pendant Light was carefully designed by the famous Danish designer Verner Panton. It combines the flowerpot with Scandinavian style. With a rich selection of twelve finishes, it will bring you a warm family atmosphere and enhance the The best chandelier in the space.

SKU: PL9006-1

Aim Pendant Light features showing long wires with tea-shaped lampshades through fixing nodes on the ceiling to create a personalized artistic painting. It can provide good light and make the space more compact.

SKU: PL900658-1

The advanced version-dimmable aim pendant light, is versatile and functional. The adjustable led light source makes it suitable for both private and public space.

SKU: 10004-Copper

The Multi-Lite Pendant Light was first drawn by designer Louis Weisdorf in 1972 and over the years has become one of the most outstanding designs in Denmark and the world. The Multi-Lite Pendant Light has a timeless expression that suits any home setting.

SKU: PL716-14
€188.00 €208.00

Known for the look of pine cone, the PH5 pendant light is a modern chic fixture with gradient colors. Its light is diffused and pleasing to prevent from harming your eyes.

SKU: 1546846-9

Smithfield Suspension Pendant/Ceiling Light features a simple finish of black or white, which outlines the shape. It is full of modern fashion and minimalist charm. The smooth and round surface with will calm you down.

SKU: CC-001-13

Melt Pendant Light was designed by designer Tom Dixon. The appearance of this lamp is full of strong design sense. When the light is turned on, it can produce a charming melting hot blown glass effect, and when it is turned off, it produces a mirror effect.

SKU: PL178-1headA-warm

Like Spider Man in the movie, Wireflow free form pendant gives you endless play space and great illumination. Various sizes are available for both large and small spaces.

SKU: PL718-12

The artistic Lederam Manta Pendant / Ceiling light featrues a curved surface with smooth lines and elegant color schemes, which gives a retro flavor and an eternal charm. Available in ceiling light and pendant light.

SKU: PL737-2

Mila Pendant Lamp combines the elegant ring and spherical glass lampshade, forming a variety of models. It is a work of art that will never go out of fashion, since it directly shows the eternal beauty of geometric compositions.

SKU: PL8013-2

The Spokes Suspension Lamp, designed by the renowned designer duo Vicente García Jiménez and Cinzia Cumin, is composed of simple lines that reflect the beauty of symmetrical lines. The Spokes Suspension Lamp is available in four sizes and four colors.

SKU: PL8016-1

The garden is carved into Sky Garden Pendant Light which is inspired by the ceiling with a gorgeous pattern on it. Therefore, this pendant light also carries this beauty, making people see the beautiful flowers when looking up.

SKU: 1546516-1

Bolle pendant light is a pile of soap bubbles in the air,  giving the feeling of freedom and creating a relaxing atmosphere. With warm light, the curves of the glass shine perfectly.

SKU: 1546379-40

Featuring a lampshade in beehive shape, Chiswick Glass Pendant Lamp is a industrial pendant light which is full of both retro and modern style. Made of glass and metal. Available in 7 dimensions and various finishes. 

SKU: PL9014-1

Aplomb Pendant Lamp is the perfect way to add a touch of industrial style to any space. It's available in various finishes and embellished by a natural texture of concrete, which adds an expressive classy feel.

SKU: Pl735-6

Mega Bulb Pendant Lamp imitates the shape of a light bulb, forming a visual effect of double light bulbs, which is both innovative and beautiful. With an Edison bulb, it can directly show the beauty of the burning filament.

€199.00 €299.00

The Screen Cannage suspension brightens up your room connected with nature. The screens in woven cane create bright and airy spaces, bringing a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

SKU: PL415-1

The chic Nelson Bubble pendant lamp in a variety of bubble shapes is a special work of art. It is en vogue as its glamor will do wonders to elevate a vibe and mood. 

SKU: PL54144784-1

Caboche Pendant Lamp is a delicate chandelier that brings a floating sheen. The design is completely novel. Available in three sizes, it can be placed in both large and small rooms.


The classic A330S Golden Bell Pendant Lamp brings the modern industrial charm. Featuring a bell shape, it reveals the smoothness and luster of the painted steel. Available in four finishes.

scandinavian pendant lamp

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SKU: 1546223-4

Nordic Hanging Lamp comes in a variety of sizes and finishes to brighten up all spaces. You can choose more than one to decorate your room. It can be hung in the dinning areas, which will make you feel joyful.

scandinavian pendant lamp

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SKU: PL8018-1

SIMPLE Scandinavian Pendant Light is a Nordic minimalist pendant light full of post-modern artistic beauty which has a smooth visual effect. With LED light source, it shows the curves and luster of the metal product.

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