Pendant lamp has played a more and more important role in interior decorations. How to choose a pendant light that is functional as well as decorative becomes an annoying issue for many people. Simig Lighting offers numerous designs including both Nordic and Asian designs. You can find not only contemporary novel and interesting light fixtures but also mid-century vintage and classic ones. We offer different sizes for any space. It is time to have a beautiful lamp to render your living room, dinning area and bedroom, even the study, bathroom  and entrance where you will stay and the guests will see. A small chic pendant lamp will make your home more unusual instantly.

SKU: PL4002-5

A spin-off from the Molecular series, Glass Ball Pendant Light is a tiny light that speaks volume. It exudes a modern vibe with its classy glass exterior and sand gold interior. Available in two different lampshade color finishes.

SKU: PL734-1
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Méduse Light is really more a fun toy than a pendant lamp. The innovative design idea makes it stunning and never be out-dated. Inspired by blinds, this pendant light can also be open and closed.


With a minimalist design, HOME Pendant Light is a good choice for creating a warm atmosphere due to its hollow top and bottom, allowing light to spread around. It is perfect for hanging over a round dining table.

SKU: PL9021G

Beautiful Beading Pendant Lamp features a special glass lampshade due to its colors and folds, which makes it look like a gem. With the light, it's like a dazzling diamond. It can be hung singly or with more colors together.

SKU: CL733-6

Cylindrical Maserlo Modern Ceiling Pendant is stylish and practical, which is suitable for both residential areas and public places. Made of steel and fabric. Available in two sizes and three finishes.

SKU: PL750-1

Inspired by the planets, Planet Pendant Lamp has a globular glass lampshape with the symbolic color of each planet, which will make you feel like entering the Milky Way. Available in two finishes.

SKU: PL5412477

Green Glass Pendant Lamp is a typical Nordic pendant light, which uses fresh emerald green to bring it closer to nature. The glass lampshade shows the veins of the leaves with gradually changing color, reflecting clever techniques.

SKU: PL737-2
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Mila Pendant Lamp combines the elegant ring and spherical glass lampshade, forming a variety of models. It is a work of art that will never go out of fashion, since it directly shows the eternal beauty of geometric compositions. 

SKU: PL8006-1
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VP Globe pendant lamp wraps a subtle design of reflective plates with a transparent lampshade, allowing light to jump freely inside, which creats a variety of color phenomenon. Available in three color combinations.

SKU: PL6017-1

Crescent Pendant Light looks like a full moon which is split from the middle. With opal acrylic lampshades and the golden cut surface, this modern creative pendant lamp is beautiful. Available in four sizes.

SKU: 10109-4

The small and delicate Nordic Macaron Pendant Lamp is a bit like a child waring colorful hats. The Macaron finishes make this Nordic pendant light perfect for children's rooms and people with childlike innocence. 

SKU: CC-001-13
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The interesting and dazzling Melt pendant light is a vibrant lava, which will catch attention and highlight the space easily. Full of futuristic sense, it uses the thin PVC surface to create this gorgeous view. 

SKU: 1546846-9

Smithfield Suspension Pendant/Ceiling Light features a simple finish of black or white, which outlines the shape. It is full of modern fashion and minimalist charm. The smooth and round surface with will calm you down.


TREJOR Minimalist Pendant Light is like a gymnast who is showing the elegant beauty. Imitating the balance, the both ends of its rod are attached by glass balls. It is a simple style, which you could only find lines and balls. 

SKU: 1546675

As the name says it all, the STROBE High Low Pendant Light features two bulb holders in a high-low position. This creative light is best fitted in large spaces such as your living rooms. Works well if you have a high ceiling. Available in in gold or black finish. 

SKU: 1546578

RUBEN Modern Drum Style Pendant Lamp is very practical with a cylindrical fabric lampshape. The wooden top lengthens the overall visual effect. The simple black or white finish makes it very easy-matching. Available in two sizes and two finishes.


Aballs Pendant Light is a classic and elegant small pendant lamp. The combination of a glass ball lampshade and a slightly rounded cylindrical body shows the beauty of the circle. Suitable as a bedside pendant light. Available in three finishes. 

SKU: 1546516-1
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Soap Bubble Pendant is a pile of bubbles in the air,  giving the feeling of freedom and creating a relaxing atmosphere. With warm light, the curves and luster of the glass shine perfectly, which makes people intoxicated.


Full of Japanese style, MILLER Textile Shade Hanging Light is suitable for collocating with other wooden furniture to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. The ingenious three-footed wooden  frame covers the textile lampshade, adding a design sense.

SKU: 1546512

With a simple design of two balls, MIA Minimalist Light looks like a lollipop hanging in the air, making the environment cozy. Available in two cement finishes. Black is ideal for concise and stylish indoor decorations, while pink for the romantic interior.

SKU: 1546484-1

MARS Pendant Light is unique and chic, which mimics Mars. It is available in a complete sphere or one with a crack from the middle, as if there was a molten lava. It presents the initial cement product without any processing.

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With an exotic apperance, INVENIO Aperture Pendant Light, a novel industrial pendant light, uses stainless steel to create a pendant lamp that shines like glass products when illuminated. It can create a strong visual effect in cluster.

SKU: 1546379-40
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Featuring a lampshade in beehive shape, Chiswick Glass Pendant Lamp is a industrial pendant light which is full of both retro and modern style. Made of glass and metal. Available in 7 dimensions and various finishes. 


Minimalist Oval Ring Pendant Light is composed by an oval body and a ball lampshade, which is an elegant Nordic pendant lamp. The golden finish with the opal glass render the whole space, creating a serene atmosphere. 

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