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SKU: PL91001-2

A symbol of oriental culture, the Tea Room Zen Woven Lampshade is a fusion of eastern & western cultures. This traditional yet decorative pendant light is made of woven lampshades that are connected to a metal hoop. It's eye-catching yet versatile enough to complement any room's design.


Palm Tree Table Light reproduces a plant into a retro style, which is perfect for creating a rustic aesthetic or rendering a vintage atmosphere. The sophisticated textures reveal the beauty of craftsmanship.

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SKU: PL758-1

Wabi-sabi rattan pendant light brings you a serene atmosphere, letting you enjoy an elegant and natural beauty. The rattan light shade shows the organic and geometrical aesthetic.

SKU: TL420-1

The simple and comfortable Nordic Ceramics Table Light adds luster to the ordinary residential areas with lively macaron finishes. It is ideal for the living room, which will accompany you with diffused warm light at night.


Birdy Cage Pendant Light is a quaint decorative pendant light, which will add more elegant and artistic charm to your house or commercial areas. The most realistic shape of the birdcage makes the bird inside vivid.

SKU: TL8789-6

Ripple Table Light is an elegant table lamp with a symmetrical pattern which makes it look like a mural. The glossy ceramic and soft silk cloth are combined in fresh color tones. Available in two sizes and four finishes.


This quanit Lantern Wooden Pendant Light will remind you of Chinese culture, which is a new embodiment of modern fashion. It is a combination of the Western geometry and the Eastern lantern.

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SKU: PL428-2

NUT Pendant Light is a beautiful modern embellishment due to its stunning colorful painting on the lampshade. It has an interesting shape of nut which showcases a striking silhouette.

SKU: PL901903

Ball Wooden Pendant Light is like a wine that needs time to exert its flavour, so the more you look at it, the more beautiful it is. The wooden texture gives it a quaint flavour, while the design strengthens its modern feel.

SKU: 25-664

Rattan Pendant Light shows the original material-rattan directly, which lets people feel the breath of nature. It is the popular modern Zen pendant light, making people calm down and bringing warm feeling to home.

SKU: 1546732-1

The small and delicate VELUCA Cement Pendant Light is a combination of several styles since it has a cement body like stamp tool, with wooden or metal top. A variety of models makes it suitable for many indoor decorations.


With a shape of half a chestnut, STALVOS Modern Pendant Lamp is fun and elegant. The wood-printed finish adds an graceful temperament, which makes people feel comfortable. It is the embodiment of Oriental elements.


Full of Japanese style, MILLER Textile Shade Hanging Light is suitable for collocating with other wooden furniture to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. The ingenious three-footed wooden  frame covers the textile lampshade, adding a design sense.

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SKU: 112-Dia 25cm × H 38cm

CAGE Wooden Pendant Light is the embodiment of the Oriental culture which shows the charm beyond time. The material wood makes it comfortable. It is ideal for collocating with other wooden furniture.


Featuring a shape of pumpkin, PIE Wooden Pendant Light is a homely luminaire which is composed by several chips of wood, bringing natural essence and artistic beauty to your house.

SKU: PL727-1

Lotus Wooden Pendant Light is a combination of Asian culture and the industrial style, which not only reflects the beauty of nature's materials, but also shows the charm of handicraft. Available in five sizes.

SKU: PL6020-1

CUBIC Wooden Pendant Light is beautiful and magnificient. The clear woody texture not only reflects the exquisite craftsmanship, but also reminds us to slow down the pace and discover the beauty in life.

SKU: PL410-4

MONO Wooden Pendant Light is a stylish Scandinavian pendant light with industrial style, which is perfect for both residential and commercial areas. It features wooden adornments which can soften metallic coolness.


The stylish and simple Stripe Cage Floor Lamp uses symmetrical aesthetics to create a bright and durable decoration in any space. It can be used with the Strip Cage Pendant Light to give a glamorous fashion.

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SKU: PL2008-1

Industrial civilization can always bring people surprise, like this simple creative industrial Greenhouse Cage Pendant Light. The black metal strips outline a chic cage lampshade. With a Edison bulb, it will exude vintage sense.

SKU: CH01-1

This small retro lamp will make your house looks more great. Fixture perfectly with metal frames, glass lampshades and wooden decorations. Available in two colors and three different sizes.

SKU: PL91016

Straw Hat Art Pendant Light is a decorative piece that offers a really tender atmosphere for your home. The pendant light is in the shape of straw hats, which is easy to cut and fold. It's the best choice for the hot summer days to chill and relax at the home.

SKU: PL91010-3

Bring the warmth of the outdoors inside with this Gardening Wabi-sabi Retro Pendant Light. This light is made using Japanese style natural material rattan, which gives the light a warm and soft tone. The perfect addition to your room, this can be used to create a relaxing atmosphere that brings out the warmth of your home.

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