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Aim Pendant Light features showing long wires with tea-shaped lampshades through fixing nodes on the ceiling to create a personalized artistic painting. It can provide good light and make the space more compact.

SKU: 1546846-9

Smithfield Suspension Pendant/Ceiling Light features a simple finish of black or white, which outlines the shape. It is full of modern fashion and minimalist charm. The smooth and round surface with will calm you down.

SKU: PL724-3

Linear LED Pendant Light is the paragon of minimalist design. This vertical linear pendant lamp has a in-built LED strip, which is suitable for hanging in the room with high ceiling. It is perfect as a bedside light. Available in four sizes.

SKU: 1546295-1

GRANDEUR Modern LED Pendant Light is a minimalist chandelier which consists of an LED strip. It looks like two circles entangled with each other. Full of artistic beauty, this simple LED chandelier is like a waving ribbon.

SKU: CL8020-1

Simig Round Textile Ceiling Light is a must-have ceiling lamp in your home, which is easy to clean and install. The textile lampshade gathers light, making this it like a warm stove. Available in two sizes and four finishes.

SKU: PL718-2

The artistic Lederam Manta Pendant / Ceiling light featrues a curved surface with smooth lines and elegant color schemes, which gives a retro flavor and an eternal charm. Available in ceiling light and pendant light.

SKU: 1546769-1

ARTRA Scandinavian LED Ceiling Light features a round acrylic lampshade covered by a semi-circle wooden lampshade, which is a creative design. The gentle and fresh finishes allow it to create a cosy atmosphere in your home.

SKU: 101033-6

Linear LED Wall/Ceiling Lamp has a long and a short wall light, which allows you to play freely. When they are installed on the wall, it can be artistic like a loose but elegant painting. Available in simple black finish. 


Showcasing a striking silhouette of a blooming flower, this BLOOM Ceiling Light brings a splash of mid-century modern style as it boosts the brightness in any arrangement. Available in three different sizes.

SKU: 1546812

LEXA Geometric LED Ceiling Light features a variety of finishes that accentues the charm of geometry. The shape is a pentagon with a lampshade composed by triangles. The macaron finishes make it more interesting, which is easy to catch attention.


Skygarden Recessed Ceiling Lamp has a wonderful design concept of setting the garden on the ceiling. It makes people look up and find this beauty. The interior lampshade has a floral pattern. With light, the flowers bloom.

SKU: 1546859

SMITHS Scandinavian LED Ceiling Light features a variety of finishes including genorous and fresh colors, which outlines the shape. It is full of modern sense and minimalist charm. Available in five colors.

SKU: CL8010-1
This disc Simig LED Ceiling Lamp is simple and generous, which will be a bright scenery of the office. It has various sizes, which can be used in the corridors. It's also perfect for those who like minimalist decorations.
SKU: 1546782

CAPELLA Contemporary LED Ceiling Light is suitable for such areas like kitchens, bathrooms and balconies, since it is resistant to dirt and practical. It can be installed in every corner due to its various sizes, providing a lighting for the whole space.

SKU: CL20010-1

Gorgeous Ceiling Lamp, the modern minimalist design, adds modern fashion in your house with clear glass balls. It can make use of space well and expand your visual effect. Available in two sizes.

SKU: WL744-4

Modern Circle LED Wall Lamp depicts a unique mural with personal ideas, which will be an unique art painting. The empty wall will be charming.Discarding the cumbersome design, it is composed by circles in black, white or grey finish.


TEVA Octagon Jewel LED Ceiling Lamp incorporates geometric elements into the light fixtures to create a beautiful and efficient LED ceiling light. The shape is octagonal with the lampshade composed by triangles. Available in three finishes.

SKU: 1546879-1

TEVOS Scandinavian Slim Case LED Ceiling Light features macaron-colored finishes. Each size has its own color, which is suitable for placing three together on the ceiling. It will be the eye-catching embellishment in any space.

SKU: 1head-H20cm-black-warm light

Antrulia Modern Pendant Light gives a new design concept to traditional track lights, allowing them to cast light sources more precisely. It is a practical hanging track light. Available in two finish combinations and various sizes. 


MEXENA Ceiling Light adds more modern elements. It has three bud-shaped lampshades, which are covered by a caged lampshade. Various elements of different styles are mixed together, contributing to its unique charm.

SKU: CL743-1

MINUTE LED Ceiling Light-Ø10cm illustrates the advantages of minimalist small-sized light fixture that is the easy-matching ability.  It can blend into any indoor decorations and be installed in any corner.

SKU: CL6005-1

DEVAN Seashell Ceiling Lamp is a modern ceiling light with a shell-like lampshade. Even without light, it's a nice embellishment. When it is illuminated, it's like having many pearls inside, emiting luster from the whole lamp.


The BRIVAAR Classic Ceiling Light expresses the beauty of circular figures, which is composed of cylinders, circles and balls. This delicate ceiling light adopts the elegant color combination of black and gold. It can be used as a wall light.

SKU: 1546806

LEXA Geometric LED Ceiling Light features a variety of finishes that accentues the charm of geometry. The shape is a pentagon with a lampshade composed by triangles. The macaron finishes make it more interesting, which is easy to catch attention.

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