Rustic Lightings

SKU: PL20019-1

As a traditional American-style chandelier, Globe Candle Chandelier will transform your home effortlessly. Available in 4, 5 or 6 heads, it will provide you with the timeless elegance you desire for your space.

SKU: PL2008-1

Industrial civilization can always bring people surprise, like this simple creative industrial Greenhouse Cage Pendant Light. The black metal strips outline a chic cage lampshade. With a Edison bulb, it will exude vintage sense.

SKU: PL10131-4

This charming HAT Wooden Pendant Light is a mpot of many elements but creates a beauty of harmony finally. The lampshade is a combination of the wooden cover and metallic cage, which is an industrial design.

SKU: PL6020-1

CUBIC Wooden Pendant Light is beautiful and magnificient. The clear woody texture not only reflects the exquisite craftsmanship, but also reminds us to slow down the pace and discover the beauty in life.

SKU: PL9013-A

Full of quaint and elegant charm, Annulus Wooden Pendant Light uses the original shape of the trunk, reflecting the creation and beauty of nature. Each texture and vein is naturally formed. Available in two designs.


With a special charm, Branch Lining Pendant Lamp recreates the most realistic surface of the tree with durable resin, making it the most natural decoration in the room.


As a Nordic industrial pendant light, TERRA Cubic Pendant Light features a hollow cubic lampshade, which has both the charm of industry and the elegance of warm light. It can be used singly or in a cluster to form a high and low chandelier.

SKU: 1546651

Spider chandelier is a concise and functional chandelier which can provide light in each corner. It can be hung in the living room and dinning areas. Available in five different sizes according to the Number of the Bulbs.

SKU: 1546513-2

MILLENIUM Industrial Hanging Light always creates surprises for you since it is like an explosive spark. The interesting and innovative design makes this industrial chandelier stylish. It will be a stunning pendant light letting you unforgettable.

SKU: 1546446

LEEDON Pillar Hanging Light is a novel industrial chandelier, which is full of Asian style due to the use of wood. It can be installed on the ceilling or hung. This durable chandelier will emit exotic feel in your house.. Available in two sizes.

SKU: TL6005-1

The homely COMFY Table Light adds modern trendy elements into the traditional desk light. It has a corrugated or linen lampshade, allowing light to spread into the air. Available in two sizes and two finishes.

SKU: PL9016-BA20

The unique ART Cage Pendant Light can add a beauty to a dull life. The typical industrial top strengthens its elegance. Three color combination will bring different styles and decorate your home into various atmospheres.


Birdy Cage Pendant Light is a quaint decorative pendant light, which will add more elegant and artistic charm to your house or commercial areas. The most realistic shape of the birdcage makes the bird inside vivid.


This quanit Lantern Wooden Pendant Light will remind you of Chinese culture, which is a new embodiment of modern fashion. It is a combination of the Western geometry and the Eastern lantern.

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SKU: TL742-10

Minimalist Wooden Table Light is ideal for the bedroom which can provide diffused light for the warm atmosphere. The combination of the wooden base and fabric lampshade renders the pleasant atmosphere.

SKU: 25-254

The typical Industrial Country Metal Pendant Light  makes you feel the power of a booming industrial civilization. The metallic pendant light is always easy to blend into any interior decoration with a timeless sense of style.

SKU: CH01-1

This small retro lamp will make your house looks more great. Fixture perfectly with metal frames, glass lampshades and wooden decorations. Available in two colors and three different sizes.

SKU: 1546757

Classic Nordic ZINCE Caged Pendant Light is ideal for creating a Nordic style environment in public areas. With a wooden top, it can collocate with distinctive Edison bulbs to create a personalized design. Available in two sizes.


Typical ZEGAR Dome Industrial Pendant Light features a domed lampshade, which will remind you of the ancient Roman architecture. It is ideal for providing a light source for public areas and acting as an ornament.

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Full of American country style, REX Caged Hanging Lamp is a classic American loft style. It is practical, which is suitable for both the indoor and outdoor.  This pendant lamp with caged lampshade will certainly bring a different feeling.

€85.00 €125.00
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The simple PEARL Caged Pendant Light illustrates the beauty of minimalist industrial style. It has a black pear-shaped cage lampshade, which is small but generous. Ideal for hanging above the small table or with several pieces together.

SKU: 1546531-1

NOVIXA Industrial Pendant Light features a creative lampshade, the top part of which is a full black lampshade and the lower part is a rose gold cage one in various shapes. This simple and elegant pendant lamp will certainly impress your guests.


NETTENY Caged Pendant Light features a cylindrical lampshade which combines glass and cage elements, novel and unique. Full of industial style, this pendant light is a decorative lamp to render a elegant atmosphere.

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