LED Linear Lights

SKU: PL723-9

Linear LED Pendant Light is the paragon of minimalist design. This horizontal linear pendant lamp has a in-built LED strip, which is suitable for a large space. It is perfect for collocating with a long table. Available in four sizes.

SKU: 101033-6

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HOMER Round Case Wooden Pendant Light expresses the beauty of the wood. After polishing, the texture is distinct and unique which is a trace of the wood's experience of the years. With LED-chip, it is very practical.

Full of Nordic simplicity, HEDVA Scandinavian Wooden Pendant Light has a wooden shade to cover LED-chip, which is efficient as well as fashionable. Its shape is rectangle with a black handhold above.
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SKU: 1546308-20

Based on the traditional LED linear pendant light, GREGER Slim Case Pendant Light changes the LED strip into a flat shape like a curtain. It can not only provide light, but also give the whole space a sense of hierarchy.

AJAX Raw Industrial Touch Pendant Lamp is influenced by track lights. The lampshade is full of industrial style but stylish. It has four round LED light sources, which is very practical and can provide a wide lighting.
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SKU: 1546295-1

GRANDEUR Modern LED Pendant Light is a minimalist chandelier which consists of an LED strip. It looks like two circles entangled with each other. Full of artistic beauty, this simple LED chandelier is like a waving ribbon.

SKU: 1546435-3

KOERT Rectangular Case Pendant Lamp is simple but easy-matching. With LED-chip, it has a black rectangular lampshade with the striped texture. It is practical, which is suitable for a long table, such as a dining or conference table.

SKU: PL2022030101-1

When it comes to Easter, the LED chain of cracked eggs is everything, which will make a long-lasting impact on your family and friends. It emits a beautiful and radiant glow when lit.

SKU: 10110-12

The combination of geometric figures makes this Minimalist LED Pendant Light varied. It is available in square, oval and circle, which can be used together to form a scene full of layered sense. Available in black or white finish. 

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