Ceiling fans with lights

Summer recommendations

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hot summer

Special price for ceiling fan lights

be ready to feel

A cool home

Adjustable 3 color temperatures

LED light: 3000K+4000K+6500K

6-speed motor

Revolutions per minute: 400/380/360/340/320/300

clean Scandinavian style

With three ABS fan blades. Available in black and white.

New arrival - Limited edition

Candle Ceiling Fan Chandelier

Our Candle ceiling fan chandelier (6-speed motor) will blow you away with its ingenious design. It integrates the fan perfectly into the interior of the lamp by using the same hue, which makes one only notice its retro candlestick design.

Only €425

Loft Ceiling Fan Light


A combination of vintage color scheme and industrial elements

6-speed motor

Revolutions per minute: 1000/900/800/700/600/500

Decorative and functional

Provide lighting as well as wind

Cloud LED Fan Ceiling Light

Efficient LED light

Daylight: 4100K

3-speed motor

Enjoy different wind speeds depending on the temperature.

Two designs

"cloud" attached to the ceiling. Available in black, white and coffee gold sand.

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