The most popular modern fashion industrial style lighting

The most popular modern fashion industrial style lighting

工业风 副本
Regarding the industrial style, some people think that this style is cold, and it feels too tough, but some people appreciate the unique mystery and personality of the industrial style itself. Everyone has different opinions about this style. So what is industrial wind? Rough, mysterious, and full of personal characteristics, the calm and rational feeling created by black, white and gray, composed of simple colors, clean lines and a heavy overall atmosphere, this is the style of industrial style. Industrial style is especially sought after by young people. It is famous for its ruggedness and boldness, which is like a tribute to modern life, but also like an escape from the norm. Industrial style lighting has the following characteristics:

1.Mostly black and white gray appearance

Industrial-style lighting is mainly black, white and gray, and some are decorated in red. Black gives people a mysterious and icy feeling, while white gives people elegance and tranquility. If white and black are mixed and matched, the level of change will be even more. If the exterior color of the selected lighting is a combination of black, white and gray, it can reflect the industrial style more perfectly.

2.Most of them are made of metal and the light source can be adjusted

Industrial-style lighting is mostly made of metal, and the appearance is not gorgeously decorated. The metal material can be matched with the simple appearance, creating a full industrial sense, and the finishing touch. In addition, the mechanical lighting with bright-colored lampshades can not only beautify the space, but also balance the atmosphere of industrial style and cool tone. Metal material and multi-joint lighting, adjustable light source are also the characteristics of industrial style lighting. Multi-angle light sources increase the lighting of local spaces and relieve the cold and hard feeling of industrial-style rooms. Even in the daytime, it is also very decorative.

3.Obvious light bulbs and unadorned wires

Bare wires and variable-style bulbs are simply necessary elements for industrial-style lamps. If there is no group of tungsten bulbs suspended from braided wires, you will feel that something is missing in the room. Industrial-style lighting, the roughness should be straightforward and full of personality, such as wires and steel pipes are exposed as much as possible, so that the material can play its inherent beauty. Exposed wires are one of the big taboos in decoration. In other styles, they must be covered up to be beautiful, but in the industrial wind, under the premise of safety, they can be exposed to the full. The retro lifestyle is more textured. Installing such lamps can change the atmosphere of the entire home space.

The following are some popular industrial style lighting.

If you need lighting with strong lighting function, CYNONITE Industrial Chandelier may be the lighting equipment for you. The black metal frame body is matched with interweaving and very bright bulbs, and there are two shapes to choose from, round and rectangular. This CYNONITE Industrial Chandelier lamp fully embodies the industrial style, especially suitable for bar counters and kitchen areas.
Originally, the Gras series of lamps were intended for use in office or industrial environments, but they have gradually become a kind of lamps that are becoming more and more popular in homes and commercial spaces. There are many sizes to choose from. Floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps and chandeliers can all be made, and the colors are also colorful. The Gras series of lamps are simple and traditional, but the craftsmanship is very delicate. Gras lamps of different sizes can be used for different purposes, and they are very popular once they are launched.
The Club wall lamp is a great modern lighting piece that is extremely versatile. Fitting for a number of spatial settings, the lamp is a practical light source, may that be in the office, living room or bedside. The Club wall lamp comes with a pivoting arm, allowing you to direct the light where needed. The design is simple and contemporary, balancing the industrial feel of the iron with the warmness of the brass detailing.
Vintage REXAM Hanging Light incorporates geometric elements into the American loft style. The Vintage REXAM Hanging Light has a geometrically transparent lampshade to create a three-dimensional effect. Such a Vintage REXAM Hanging Light can easily become a gathering point when hanging in the space. Vintage REXAM Hanging Light has two appearances and three sizes for you to choose from. You can choose the right lighting according to your personal preferences.
COBWEB Conical Pendant Light is a classic representative of ceiling lamps. COBWEB Conical Pendant Light has an ordinary appearance, but without losing a sense of design. No matter in any space, it can provide more accurate lighting and play a role in decorating the space. The COBWEB Conical Pendant Light is made of aluminum with a black cone-shaped lampshade. COBWEB Conical Pendant Light is very suitable for indoor use. COBWEB Conical Pendant Light can provide accurate light sources to create a simple style.
Lamps that use transparent glass in lighting are still relatively rare. Mainly because the appearance of incandescent and fluorescent lamps is not attractive enough. But with the popularity of old-fashioned Edison bulbs, transparent glass has become a new fashion. DELPHINUS Hanging Light adopts this appearance and is a striking industrial style lamp. We provide a total of five colors of DELPHINUS Hanging Light for you to choose from. The combination of different colors makes your interior more layered.
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