Modern Bell Pendant Lamp In Dining Room

Modern Bell Pendant Lamp In Dining Room

Bell pendant lamp has four sizes in bell lamp northern lighting Dia 22 cm x H 23 cm, bell hanging lamp Dia 35 cm x H 37 cm, bell lamp pendant Dia 42 cm x H 44 cm and lamp bell Dia 55 cm x H 57 cm that you can choose. At the same time, bell pendant normann copenhagen has four colors in black, white, sand and grey. Each colors show different sense in your interior. This chic and simple design of bell jar pendant light attracted a lot of interiors to choose it to decorate their dining areas. Now. let’ s go to browse these bell shaped pendant lights.

bell pendant lamp
Modern Bell Pendant Lamp In Dining Room 6

1. Bell pendant light black

Bell pendant lamp has Nordic and simple style which attracted many families to choose it to decorate their home. The classic black of bell shape pendant lamp shows an elegant sense in your dining areas. As the name says, the total shape of bell shaped pendant looks like a chic bell, fulling of creative design. Compared with the cold surface of the metal, the designer subtly used soft rubber to connect the wire and the metal, showing a different vision to you. Bell pendant light is your best choice for your interior.

bell pendant lamp
Modern Bell Pendant Lamp In Dining Room 7

2. Bell ceiling pendant sand

The color of sand of bell light pendant lamp looks very simple and natural, there is no white simplicity, no black solemnity, no golden luxury, but bell jar pendant lighting fixtures has a natural and retro color. Besides, this bell pendant can be hung singly or clustered in a group. You can carry out different designs of bell pendant lamp according to your preferences to show your style. Placing this pendant light which creates a personality and a sense of modern light retro. I am sure you will like this bell pendant small. Lamp for bell will give you a modern life.

bell pendant lamp
Modern Bell Pendant Lamp In Dining Room 8

3. Bell pendant lamp grey

Gray bell pendant lamp has a very unique color, unlike other colors, bell wire pendant looks noble and elegant. While having a sense of retro, it can also have a modern Nordic style. This bell pendant light has a convenient and human design that you can install and clean it easily. A creative design decorate the space and life. Are you ready to choose a new life wisdom? This simplest appearance of bell wire pendant reveals a beauty of line which is eternal and long-lasting. Bell pendant small is suitable for hanging over the bedside table, dining table, bar table and so on,

bell pendant lamp
Modern Bell Pendant Lamp In Dining Room 9

4.Bell lamp white

This is the last bell pendant light replica white in bell series. As you can see the total appearance of bell pendant replica, white bell pendant shade gives you a simple and modern sense. Bell style pendant light also looks like a cream pudding, giving people a sweet and happy atmosphere. Gentle white bell jar pendant designer lights are very suitable for different indoor environments. Simig is a specialist lighting brand. They sell Nordic, luxury, vintage and many other styles of lights. The important thing is that they use high quality raw materials to produce flos light bell pendant. If you want to buy this flos bell lamp, don’t hesitate! Durable and beautiful lamp for bell is waiting you.

bell pendant lamp
Modern Bell Pendant Lamp In Dining Room 10

If you are interested in our flos bell pendant, please come to our online shop to purchase the bell ceiling lamp.

Above is the display of the flos bell light.

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