Recommendations on Picking Table Lamps

Recommendations on Picking Table Lamps

 Despite the developments in lighting, still, table lamps are the indispensable objects whenever we need to decorate houses, offices, bars, hotels and other interior decoration situations.

  Nowadays, unlike the original use of table lamps, people have more expectations on a table lamp. Decorative, artistic and protective purpose could be the requirements. Therefore, I would list a few recommendations based on different uses.

  • Working/ Studying
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This one is Simig’s Linear LED Table Lamp. When in the workplace, or when we are working at home or studying at home. Lighting is no doubt an essential element. Comfortable lighting helps us with our sight and raises working efficiency. And the strength of this lamp is that the spectrum of the light is vertical which avoids the defect of the shade that caused by tradition table lamps. Also, because of the vertical shade of the lamp, it takes less space on the table. The design of the table lamp is alliance with the conciseness value and full of simple and elegant vibe which makes us feel the original beauty of the simplicity and sense of line.

  • A Piece of Art.

Vintage Wooden Table Lamp which is a lamp that presents an umbrella shaped structure with fan shape. Wooden brace of the lamp adds a touch of grace especially with the side switch of a coppery chain. Warm light throughout the lampshade along with the warm color of the wooden brace gives us a vintage vibe which reminds us of the good old times. Classic will never go out of style. So, it would be a good choice of purchasing a vintage lamp out of artistic requirements.

  • Enhance Atmosphere.

The lovely one is the antique style E14 holder luxury crystal table lamp. Multiple ellipses consist of an ellipsoid structure. Inside the ellipsoid structure, six candle-like light bulbs evenly spreads around one ellipsoid. Dripped crystals aligned with the light bulbs construct a gorgeous as well as holy feel which are not only splendid but also warm and sweet. Candles that never goes out are like love that never be gone. The romantic feeling maximally displays one’s love. It is also a good option to give it as a gift to the people we love.

  • Protect Eyes

After a long time of working, our eyes will be exhausted after a long use and direct light. At this time, the LED lighting not only helps lower the drawback of light but also saves the electricity. The Black E27 lampholder LED table light iron and acrylic material is a good option. The main part of the table lamp can be moved. Therefore, it can alter to a certain angel to make our eyes more comfortable.

Table lamps unlike the other kinds of lighting which can be easily taken out. In this case, while picking a table lamp, different environments should be considered. And the table lamps I listed both pragmatism and aestheticism were taken into account. Hope the recommendations can be helpful.


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